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mj22 06-03-2012 07:34 PM

Zetec - Jackson Racing Supercharger BBK Header Question
Hey Guys,

So I will be receiving a used Jackson Racing Supercharger BBK kit in the coming days.

I have a question about my current exhaust setup and maximising the power I will get out of the supercharger kit (I am aware of the limitations).

My car: 2.0. Zetec with MTX-75 (Approx 60k miles).

My current exhaust setup is jba shorty header, CFM hi-flow cat, CFM 2.25" flex, FSwerks 2.5" stealth flexback/catback system.

My question is, once the supercharger kit is installed am I likely to see a significant increase in power if I switch to the SVT header, hi-flow cat and 2.5" flex as compared to the current system I have installed?

Searches I have completed don't provide any specific advice on this topic but I have seen some mention that a long tube header doesn't net that much more power than a shorty header setup.

In Australia it is illegal to run an offroad pipe so no need to suggest eliminating the cat as I want to keep things legal.

Thanks for the help.


1turbofocus 06-04-2012 09:21 AM

The SVT header by it self on a NA engine will net you 15hp to the wheels , yes its worth going to the SVT header


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