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Tom 03-24-2012 01:40 PM

Ford Focus ST at Dallas Auto Show
Just went to the Dallas Auto Show and they have the new Focus ST there. Spoke with one of their reps and he confirmed that dealers will be taking orders over the summer and they should expect a fall delivery.

New Fusion

I'll post more and "better" pictures when I get home.[hihi]

Chewie12 03-24-2012 01:50 PM

Holy crap, I like the sedan version and Im not fond of sedans either lol.

macdiesel 03-24-2012 01:51 PM

Cool update. Glad it's closer to reality.

FocusFreak09 03-24-2012 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Chewie12 (Post 4075069)
Holy crap, I like the sedan version and Im not fond of sedans either lol.

Hope u don't think the white car is the focus sedan st?? It's the fuzion

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SPRAYPAINT 03-27-2012 12:19 PM

The Fusion looks more like an Audi! Pure SEX! Way to go Ford.

chalo_st 06-03-2012 01:11 PM

I want to test the new ST hahaha I don't think it will have the same torq as last one but its still a pretty good engine. Ooh and the for the second car if you look at it like fast it looks like an aston martin hahaha.

tukaniSVT 06-03-2012 02:03 PM

Dang ... why can't they have a show and test of the ST in Houston ... we are bigger than Dallas. UG.

I knew I should have gone to Dallas this weekend.

Oh well. It's good news. Still not a fan of the front bumper, but that rear bumper and exhaust combo is quite nice.

I agree the Fusion looks sweet. Both my wife and I dig it.


joesperformance 06-03-2012 04:00 PM

Loving that ST, wish I could trade my Focus in for that, I'd take it in a heart beat....

chalo_st 06-03-2012 04:33 PM

Is the new st going to be manual or is it going to have the padel shifts ?

ottotroll 06-03-2012 04:56 PM


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