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ehancock 10-17-2011 04:47 PM

For Sale: Focus Central Duratec underdrive and water pump pulleys
Selling Focus Central duratec underdrive pulley kit. This kit will require repair, but it should be pretty straight forward and save you $100+ off the cost of buying a new one from CFM! Uses stock belt when both pulleys used together.

Focus Central used to sell these kits with 4 screws loctited into place. The screws often backed out, like in this case. The screws need to be replaced and the heads welded to prevent them from backing out.

It comes with both the UDP and the water pump pulley. This is the same design that CFM still uses except the screw heads are welded to prevent them from backing out like they did in my case.

Asking $100 shipped, not splitting them as they serve no purpose to anyone split up

PM me if interested!

joshuaaturner 10-17-2011 09:38 PM

Dibs!! Forgot to ask in PM. How many miles on them?

joshuaaturner 10-18-2011 04:26 PM

Nevermind. I'm gonna go with a throttle body and headers instead. Great price though!

ehancock 10-18-2011 05:38 PM

Bump! Still for sale!

ehancock 10-19-2011 05:36 PM

Bump! Price is OBO! MkV need some shoes

ehancock 10-21-2011 11:03 PM


ehancock 10-22-2011 03:49 PM


ehancock 10-24-2011 09:48 AM

Bump! make an offer!

ehancock 10-25-2011 12:59 PM


ehancock 10-27-2011 04:23 PM

bump it up!

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