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Aquaman78 09-22-2011 01:42 PM

changing rear brake shoes on 03 Focus
I was working on my brakes last night and got the front pads changed but could not, for the life of me, get the drums off to change the rear shoes. What needs to be done to get the drum off to gain access to the inside?

Als RS8 09-22-2011 05:16 PM

get a chiltons repair manuel at the nearest auto parts store and it has step by step instructions on how to do this ,i had done it a couple times and i could not have done it with out the repair manuel. they cost about 20 dollars and are usually a book on the focus at autozone or checkers!!if you cant find that respond and ill give you step by step instructions out of my repair manuel!!

Als RS8 09-22-2011 06:11 PM

remove dust cap

then remove hub nut

ABFORDGUY 09-22-2011 06:39 PM

Hope this helps, sorry it won't let me paste in the pictures. I am not a tech, but this is from the workshop manual


All vehicles

Remove the parking brake control boot.
Detach the boot clip.
Remove the boot.

NOTE: Make sure the rear brakes are at a cool temperature.

Release the parking brake control to its lowest position.
Loosen the parking brake cable adjustment nut until there is no tension in the cable.
Remove the retaining clip.
Loosen the adjustment nut.

Remove the wheels and tires.

Vehicles with anti-lock brakes

Detach the wheel speed sensor.

All vehicles

CAUTION: Do not remove the brake drum by means of the hub retaining nut.

Remove the brake drum and hub assembly.

Remove the hold down springs.
Remove the pins.

CAUTION: Do not damage the wheel cylinder boots.

Disconnect the shoes from the wheel cylinder.

Detach the shoes from the anchor block.

Hold the wheel cylinder pistons in place with a rubber band.
Disconnect the parking brake cable.
Push the lever inwards.
Disconnect the cable.

Remove the lower return spring.

Remove the upper return spring.

Remove the primary shoe from the strut and brake shoe adjuster.
Pull the shoe outwards.
Disconnect the strut.
Release the strut.

CAUTION: The strut support spring is under tension.

Detach the secondary shoe from the support.
Move the strut downwards.
Detach the parking brake return spring.


All Vehicles

CAUTION: Make sure that all mating surfaces are clean of foreign material and debris.

Clean, check and apply silicon dielectric compound grease to the backing plate contact points.
Install the strut support to the secondary shoe.
Install the parking brake return spring.
Move the strut upwards.

Install the primary shoe to the strut and brake shoe adjuster.
Install the strut.
Push the shoe inwards.
Rotate the adjuster fully clockwise.

Install the upper return spring.

Install the lower return spring.

Install the parking brake cable.
Push the lever inwards.
Connect the cable.

Remove the rubber band holding the wheel cylinder pistons in place.
CAUTION: Do not damage the wheel cylinder boots.

Connect the shoes to the wheel cylinder.

Connect the shoes to the anchor block.

Install the hold down springs.

Install the brake drum and hub assembly.

Vehicles with anti-lock brakes

Install the wheel speed sensor.

All Vehicles

Install the wheels and tires. For additional information, refer to Section 204-04.
NOTE: The internal auto adjuster must be set and the brake shoes centralized to the brake drum.

Rotate the rear wheels and apply the brake pedal four times.
Carry out parking brake cable adjustment.

PRSman25 12-21-2012 02:46 PM

Dear god that sounds like such a load of work just to change the damn shoes. Any tips to make it easier?

drewts86 12-22-2012 01:03 AM

The drums just get frozen in place. Not a lot I can really suggest here, they are just a PITA to get off. I used a couple of tools from the body shop I used to work in; but you could do the same thing I did and use something like a screwdriver and hammer and tap on the lip near the inside portion of the rotor. Takes a while to get anywhere, definitely a full six-pack kind of job. I almost gave up and changed the fronts and left the rears the way they were.

amc49 12-22-2012 04:37 PM

You generally don't have to mess with emergency cable, I didn't on either of mine. You take out four bolts on the BACKSIDE of the brake assembly, they are very easy to round the corners off of. You need a quality socket there, twenty dollar socket set will have you with car at the dealer's when you round the heads off bolts. The drum and hub and stub axle all come off as one part.

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