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VenomRogue 11-10-2010 08:58 AM

Focus Central style hood
I dont know if anyone has asked.....they probably have, and it didnt come up in my search.

But what are the chances of yall making a Focus central hood (the one with the functional scoop on the driver side?

There is a shitton of interest for people looking for these hoods used...and if you could make them for $300-500 (regular and carbon fiber), i am sure you would sell the shit out of them....

1sloho 11-10-2010 09:08 AM

hell yes! i bought their intake to go along with that hood but, they discontinued it before i could buy it.

Extreme Dimensions 11-12-2010 12:15 PM

I have actually added it to my product development list. It should be doable but I would need to drum up enough interest to get it moved along quickly.

kenzx3 11-12-2010 12:27 PM

<--- Interested depending on the quality, the FC ones were near perfect fitment-wise

Wagamos 11-12-2010 01:14 PM

Agreed, would be pretty wicked, i could grab some cold air from there for my turbo.

MacAttack 11-12-2010 03:04 PM

I've said it before, but I'd love one of those hoods. Perfect placement for a scoop, right above the intake.

ehancock 11-12-2010 03:08 PM

I would buy one for my fiance's car.

The FC style hood would probably outsell any other CF hood.

VenomRogue 11-12-2010 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by ehancock (Post 3462821)
The FC style hood would probably outsell any other CF hood.

this is a true statement.

these are the most popular style of hood for the focus.

I say make a "regular" hood and a CF version....

Dung1sm 11-13-2010 09:36 AM

this makes me want to add a roush scoop of some sort...hmm.. sounds like a great product, never seen one of these though...

egman2005 11-13-2010 10:18 AM

Is buy one pending price and all.

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