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s_montgomery 10-16-2010 07:33 PM

1/8th mile Zetec 1st time out.
Best run and best 1/8:

60ft 2.137
?ft 6.3
1/8 9.934 @ 69.5 mph

On my 8th try I broke the 10 sec mark right at the end of the day! I somehow managed to get 2.2-2.3 60ft times with street tires at 35lb and then got my best with 25lb.

My times seem strange? R/T has no impact on E/T right? because I barely even paid attention to the tree. I had between .25 and .75, haha.

My goal was a 15.5 1/4 and to do better than an average SVT; which I think I managed?

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