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jimbo127 10-10-2010 01:38 PM

Help ! Advice needed please.
Hi Guys & Gals, Im having some problems with my ,99 1.8 zetec estate. Its been parked up for approx 9 months and now when i start the engine it runs very rough and dies, as if the choke isnt working. If i keep it running with the throttle till it warms up it idles very roughly at 750 rpm and is relectant to rev up and pull cleanly. I also noticed the temp gauge seems to rise in a series of jumps rather than smoothly. I have replaced the spark plugs, the plug leads, air filter and ran a bottle of injector cleaner through it, which all helped but the problems persist. Anyone got any idea,s of what might be amiss ?
All advice gratefully recieved thanks ![:(]

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