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fhh02a 03-12-2010 12:05 AM

need help
Hey yall...

I am in search of some nice 16's or 17's with tires[poke] ...

I was just wanting someone in the Lonestar area to keep an eye out for me...or sale me some "local"

btw: I did post in the Want to buy thread.... so I hope Im not breaking by doing this..if I am please let me know

FocusFreak09 03-12-2010 12:23 AM

We will keep an eye out. How much u willin to pay and how far u wanna travel?
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fhh02a 03-12-2010 12:30 AM

250 shipped..... Ill take just rims if I can find them

FocusFreak09 03-12-2010 12:36 AM

Oh ok well ill look around for u when I can
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fhh02a 03-12-2010 12:39 AM

Ill even cash

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