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tukaniSVT 02-24-2010 11:31 AM

Houston RACE Meet March 2010
Okay Guys ...

Here is the Plan. I know it's a Friday ... but we wanted to RUN THE CARS THIS TIME!!!

TIME: I'd say we get together about 7 - 730ish at the Raceway Park
DATE: March 26, 2010
Race Time starts at 6pm goes til 12
PLACE: Houston Raceway Park BAYTOWN Link:
COST: Yes there is a cost ... but at least not just for parking ... $20 to Run / $10 to watch.

I will add more detail later ... But this will be the start.

Even if you do not want to run ... come out and hang.

Also ... we are thinking we might have a pool for the SPI guys ... Fastest SPI gets the pot ... ... details again to be added later.


ChuckDee 02-24-2010 01:17 PM

make sure the date is gonna be posted wayyy ahead of time so i can call off. im usually workin friday nights but i wanna make it to this one.

FocusFreak09 02-24-2010 01:21 PM

yea and plus since its gonna be in march im gonna have a friday night class so i probably wont be able to make it if its on a friday.

Tom 02-24-2010 01:26 PM

Also to add Ray, bracket racing is on that Saturday.

tukaniSVT 02-24-2010 01:35 PM

Sorry guys ... thought I put the day ... I'm doing this at work between Renders ... **DONE**

hmmm ... bracket racing ... Well looking at that ... I think it is a Team thing. There are money trophies.

The Entry fee for that is $40. So if anyone is feeling up to the challenge to run the PROs then yes the Next day March 27th is bracket racing.

That would be pretty neat to see.


FocusFreak09 02-24-2010 01:41 PM

i rather race another spi then other fast cars. rather have a chance winning then getting dust blown on me

Tom 02-24-2010 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by FocusFreak09 (Post 3169312)
i rather race another spi then other fast cars. rather have a chance winning then getting dust blown on me

You can do that when doing bracket racing as well. Just make sure you line up together.

Either day I should be there.

FocusFreak09 02-24-2010 01:51 PM

Oh ok cool. I never raced at the track, just watched. Should be interesting.

tukaniSVT 02-24-2010 03:15 PM

I think the Friday would be best Tom ... because the Saturday for bracket racing is really for those competing.

Friday is more of a fun run ... practice for those of us. And cheaper for some of the guys to run.

As for the SPI contest ... I was thinking we right down you guys numbers ... and average out 3 runs ... best of the averages would get the pot ... or the one the fastest would get the pot.

It's hard going into the night ... to keep running each other ... the lines end up getting real busy and then you end up running a Z06 for fun.


mdgonzo101 02-24-2010 06:23 PM

Yet another event that i won't be able to make due to conflicting work schedules. Sigh....i will eventually catch up to you all.

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