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Red Baron 10-23-2003 07:16 AM

ATX to MTX conversion
I've got an automatic tranny right now and i wanna change it to a stick shift. How should I go about doing that. I looked on and they're selling an MTX tranny, so would i just have to buy that and take it to a shop?

pio 10-23-2003 07:35 AM

are you willing to do a probably 2k swap or just use the 2k for a auto tranny buildup ?

you will need much more than just a tranny fr the swap...


Sublime 10-23-2003 08:00 AM

If you build up the ATX, you could have better launches and not to mention the relaxing in traffic. If I were you, I would just build up the ATX.

blackandgold 10-23-2003 11:59 AM

I agree also. Build up the auto. Automatics get a bad name but sometimes they are all not that bad.

ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 10-23-2003 12:06 PM

I know you must hate your ATX, but just think. When your in bumber to bumber traffic, you have it easier then someone with a MTX. Just build up your ATX because to do that swap would be alot of money.

JoeZX3 10-23-2003 12:10 PM

This thread has intriqued me....What can you do to the ATX to build it up?

ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 10-23-2003 12:11 PM go there ,Tom has there stuff in his turbocharged focus

Red Baron 10-23-2003 06:16 PM

How much HP can I expect to gain from a good ATX upgrade?

Red Baron 10-23-2003 06:17 PM

How much HP can I expect to gain from a good ATX upgrade?

The Len Tech Automatics one I mean.

Red Baron 10-23-2003 06:20 PM

Would it just be better to get my car Turbocharged than to buy a new tranny?

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