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JTMac 07-13-2004 02:08 PM

For Sale: Audiophile Equipment (6-CD Changer HU, Speakers)
Rather than go to to ebay and try to sell, I figured I'd start with youse guyses. All parts are located in northwest Arkansas. I pulled them out of my SVT when I replaced the parts.

Audiophile 6 CD changer head unit: $190 + shipping, or best offer
Four Audiphile door speaker units: Would anyone care to make an offer on these?

They were in perfect condition when removed, though they've been sitting in my hatch for a while, packed up. Should be perfectly OK. The speakers DO include the matching connectors! I'll gladly provide pictures if requested.

I'll put my sub amp up for sale soon, too. If anyone wants to make an offer on it now, feel free, but I need to figure out what mounting pieces, etc, I need to include with it before I make it official.

I don't plan on parting with my sub or sub box, so those are off limits. Unless you can make a good suggestion on higher end parts I could replace them with at reasonable cost. Then I'd consider parting with those.

lunarc 07-14-2004 02:58 PM

I sent you PM. Interested in the 6 disc.

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