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Dago 01-02-2009 09:16 PM

svt shift knob
Do you know where to get a stock svt shift knob? Mine is looking worn and want to replace it

Dago 01-02-2009 10:06 PM

Thanks I will

SVTdubber 01-03-2009 10:51 PM

pic of euro one?

SVTF4243 01-04-2009 10:06 AM[

SVTdubber 01-04-2009 10:18 AM

thats purdy, maybe i'll be getting one!

Dago 01-04-2009 07:28 PM

That's nice, how much was for it?

SVTF4243 01-05-2009 12:12 AM

Got it from the UK clicky
£25.52 Plus £10 shipping
That translated to about $72 at the time

ExitLeft 01-07-2009 09:29 PM

That's only a total of $54 at today's exchange rate....that's a bargain!!

FocusVet 01-07-2009 09:31 PM

Sweet shifter knob! I'd go with that one FTW

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