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kens03cobra 12-02-2008 02:51 PM

Couple Vids from the last Nasa event
These were taken by a friend of mine who was running in the same group as I .


The first vid is of him making a mistake, and we all make them. He got the point by so was entering T3 on the inside, off line...combination of first event on a new tire combo, no sleep the night before (flu/puking) [:(] and therefore lack of attention resulted in a 360 turn in the gravel..


Second vid is of him following me for a while, I had traffic in my favor for while and once it cleared he caught me easily and I pointed him by.

Damn 150 HP Foci.

I will be boosted for the next event and give a lil more fight on the straights [bash] [bash]



Here is one of me chasing around the worlds fastest SVT Focus. It is the same session as the spin after getting checked out.

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