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SquillyB 10-22-2007 09:59 PM

AZ 4 Cylinder Challenge!! 56k warning
October 21st was the AZ 4 cylinder challenge. You will all be happy to know that a FF member took third.[ffrocks] Cash prize $2000 to the winner $1500 runner up and $500 consilation prize (yeah[thumb] ). I took a few pictures of a few of the cars I ran against. Mind you this was bracket racing folks, obviously heads up alot of the cars there would crush me. But in the bracket events its all about the driver, the light evens out the field to some extent. Notice the first pic where all the cars but mine where trailered in; as that weren't street legal!! There was three daily drivers including me, and I was one of two Fords that showed up.
I raced from *am all the way to Final Eliminations at around 4pm. My final run, I broke out by .019 which was enough to knock me out,[mecry] .
One of the other daily drivers from team PEAKBOOST
Heres me and the other cars in the stagging lanes...[neener]
The other DAILY driver....yeah sure, might have drove it in off the truck...
TONS of sponsors there as well... and their sponsored cars

SquillyB 10-23-2007 12:58 AM

Wow not even a "nice try" from any one...
No "way to rep FF"....[ffrocks]
I guess third is just another loser.[rolleyes]
Well then I'll pat myself on the back for even placing out of over 100 cars.[thankyou] [loveff]

Tom 10-23-2007 01:06 AM

Awesome job Billy. Didn't see this thread until now.

What was the CRX running for 1/4 mile?

sleepyboy 10-23-2007 01:07 AM

Sweet wish I could have been there

SquillyB 10-23-2007 02:01 AM

um......10 something. The blue old school mazda was running high 9's. I ran him in qualify rounds. LOL I felt like I was parked when he crossed the line next to me at over 150mph.
The cars from where all low 12 or high 11's.
We wont talk about the volkswerks crew and what i did to them in the early rounds.
i felt so under budget, yet proud to be able to hang with a field of almost every car having a trans brake and drag radials on them. I was the fastest car in sportsman before they started mixing the fields. The three cars parked behind me where the only other cars on street tires.
Thanks for the love fella's!!!

Chick 10-23-2007 02:16 AM

That's awesome. Congrats![thumb] Way to rep the Focus!

Tom 10-23-2007 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by SquillyB (Post 1809416)
We wont talk about the volkswerks crew and what i did to them in the early rounds.

Is this the crew in question?

If so I want to hear.[|)]

theonly287 10-23-2007 02:42 AM

thats awesome way to rep the fofo

WitchCitySVT 10-23-2007 07:39 PM

Good job. Way to win one for the little non-sponsored guys.

MightyMouse 10-23-2007 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by witchcitySVT (Post 1810426)
Good job. Way to win one for the little non-sponsored guys.

He actually is sponsored.

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