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LazarusZX3 08-06-2007 06:44 PM

Brake Ducts in STS
Are they legal?

Also, has anyone made some for their car?

fw_pa 08-06-2007 06:52 PM

yes brake ducts are legal in STS.

fw_pa 08-06-2007 06:54 PM

more specifically...
C. Air ducts may be fitted to the brakes, provided that they extend
in a forward direction only, and that no changes are made in the
body/structure for their use. They may serve no other purpose.

LazarusZX3 08-06-2007 06:56 PM

Awesome. Now I just need help getting the ducting to stay pointed at the rotor. I just need to get a friend to fab me a plate, I guess.

SVT Robzor 08-07-2007 08:42 AM

Huh, that's cool, for some reason I thought this was a Street Prepared mod. I'll keep this in mind if I jump out of the GS pond.

BadIdea 08-07-2007 09:15 AM

Do you even need them for autocross? I haven't had a problem even on a big track like beaverun or mid-ohio.

Nye 08-07-2007 09:40 AM

I would think that they would cause more harm than good on an autocross course, because they would add weight. not much weight but weight. And I wouldn't think you need the cooling because you average race is what a minute? in that amount of time your breaks are just starting to warm up let alone over heating.

WeeAsp 08-07-2007 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by BadIdea (Post 1704697)
Do you even need them for autocross? I haven't had a problem even on a big track like beaverun or mid-ohio.

Yep. Don't really think you need them.

The only possible exception would be if you ran a high speed AX like at Cumberland Airport or at an SCCA Solo2 event on a track. Even then, I doubt seriously that you would notice a difference.

The brake duct allowance was put in place for larger heavy cars that employ a closed type of wheel. Mercedes, BMW and the like where heat gets trapped between the wheel and the rotor.

I would say that adding brake ducts to a focus, SVT or otherwise, is unneccessary.

..:: sleestak ::.. 08-07-2007 11:58 AM

^^ agreed. But if you must, check eBay for some brake duct hosing. I got a good 5' or so for 40 bucks to replace my worn pipercross hose (which is actually brake ducting hose)

LazarusZX3 08-10-2007 08:28 PM

Maybe I just need to upgrade my brakes, haha.

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