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glow 04-13-2007 10:42 PM

Stepping into the Lions den. VW GTI or SVT
Alright looking at a water damaged SVT that I think was in an accident too. But it's fixed up no warranty but it's only $8000 has 40,000 miles on it.
I found a 2005 VW GTI with 10,000 miles on it. $15,000. I know this is a very bias forum but overall I want your guys opinion. I mean both use premium but I keep hearing complaints how the SVT gets piss poor mileage. Which really sucks since it's such a light car.

PapoSwing 04-13-2007 10:47 PM

has the GTI also gone for a swim? Personally I would never buy a salvaged flood vehicle... MPG has not really been a major problem for most of us SVT owners

SpeedOften 04-14-2007 12:04 AM

The SVT will only get bad gas mileage if you're heavy on the gas... I've had as high as 32mpg on a highway so it's all dependent on your right foot..

ashhabib 04-14-2007 12:07 AM

I would say get the SVT and spend the rest of the cash making it you're own. Turbo, and lots of other goodies!!

daveyg 04-14-2007 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by ashhabib (Post 1536178)
I would say get the SVT and spend the rest of the cash making it you're own. Turbo, and lots of other goodies!!


superchop 04-14-2007 09:06 AM

Go for the GTI (I'm biased if you haven't noticed...towards VW's ;) )

But seriously...If the SVT has a salvaged title like that then it might not be worth it if you want it for a daily driver. There might be way too many potential problems waiting for you as time goes on and it might cost you more in repairs then it would the difference between the SVT and the GTI.

As for the mpg...i can't agree with everyone on it being based on your foot...cause i have never seen above 22 mpg with my car and it's gone as low as 14 mpg (winter). Granted it's all city and there are probably other factors involved...but even when i drove lightly and granny shifted the mpg never went up all that much. There are also other people on here that don't get all that great of a gas mileage so i know i'm not the only one

OrangeSVTguy 04-14-2007 09:28 AM

yeah i wouldn't get that svt either. if it wern't in that condition then i'd say you should be all over it. get the gti and be happy that when you go to sell it, you actually get more money out of it in return also. and plus you'll even have a warrenty so if anything goes wrong just take it in for free.

ucntseemeee 04-14-2007 10:33 AM

im gonna say SVT cause I spanked a GTI on 664 about a week ago...

nyahh2482 04-14-2007 11:54 AM

Stay away from the water damaged vehicle. The GTI is a good car, efficient and fairly quick. I prefer the SVT overall but the quality of the VW's interior far surpasses the Ford.

tazz3131 04-14-2007 12:11 PM

I wouldn't pass up an SVT for the GTI unless something was wrong with the SVT, don't take the chance. I love the new GTI's but i'll still have my svt

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