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Beatjunkie 01-09-2007 02:10 AM

SVT Suspension kit
I have been reading the threads on these kits and i have seen posts from 2005 zx4 owners having SVT kits installed w/ no problems, but when i go to purchase the kit it says:

SVT Focus Suspension Upgrade
The best bang-for-buck suspension package for your ZX3/ZX5. With the recent hault in production of the SVT Focus, Ford Racing has released an SVT Suspension upgrade to reduce un-needed stock of SVT components. For a minimal price your ZX3/ZX5 can be upgraded to use the SVT Focus suspension.

Kit includes struts, shocks, springs, and rear swaybar as well as installation hardware.

Fits 2000-04 3 door and 5 door Focus
Original equipment on SVT Focus
Upgrades your stock Focus suspension to SVT Focus
Improved handling characteristics without ride degradation
Reduced ride height approximately .5''

Will this fit on a 2005 zx4 se?

wakeboardjl 01-09-2007 02:27 AM

it should seeing as how the 2005+ ST come with the shocks, just not the springs. But hopefuly someone who knows for sure will chime in.

SkaAddict 01-10-2007 09:25 AM

They'll work. They work on hatches and sedans up to 2005.

nthcoastcom 01-10-2007 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by SkaAddict (Post 1388848)
They'll work. They work on hatches and sedans up to 2005.


We have the SVT kit instock


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