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Jmustang68 08-18-2005 07:36 PM

Road Race Track Day at PIR in September
For those that are interested, there is a track day comming up in September that the local Shelby Club chapter hosta and can be attended by anyone that would like to. You have to have helmet, gloves... you know, all of the normal stuff.

Anyway, here is the link for you guys!

You can grab the track pack and the flyer to pass to friends if you like.

I have worked turns for several of the track days and finialy, just last month, got to drive the track in my SVTF myself. [8D] It was AWSOME!!![thumb] Definitely the most fun I have had in my car to date.

I will be building WD40's camera mount for this event, so I can relive this one in all it's glory!

Thought you guys would like to know!

McSVT 08-22-2005 12:57 AM

I was planning on attending this event also. I have just picked up some gloves and a few other things. I have installed a camera in my car in the past but don't think I will at this event. Also need to have my tires rotated, Pacific Raceways is hell on tires. Hope Portland is a bit easyer on the rubber.

paulhaskew 08-22-2005 02:56 PM

sweet, thanks for the info.... I am hoping I can go... all dependent on funds, and gas prices... grrr

Jmustang68 08-22-2005 06:31 PM

I had to buy gloves and the sort last time. I did put in some octane booster, but am not really sure if it helped or not. I am really looking forward to the 14th!

McSVT 08-24-2005 02:47 PM

Yeah I bought some glove myself. I know of a place up here in WA that sells 101 octane at the pump. Most octane boosters really arn't worth it. They just don't have enouff stuff to rase the octane rating more that 1 point. So just slap in some of the high test and call it good. I really didn't notice anying with I put some of the 101 in.

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