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darikfrye91 03-03-2013 08:43 AM

New England Forest Rally Ride
Hello me and a buddy of mine are trying to put a cruise together of a bunch of fellow drivers to the New England Forest Rally Race [race] in Sunday River Maine. I'm from Springfield MA and would be leaving from prob the town near there (Ludlow). The race is July 26 and 27, we would prob be leaving later on in the day on the 25. So you you want to ride with us there and stay the more the better! Just comment with any questions.

loc0gring0 03-03-2013 12:30 PM

woo hoo another svt in springfield!!!

darikfrye91 03-03-2013 12:51 PM

Sweet!! Haha
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loc0gring0 03-03-2013 06:27 PM

I used to see a infra red in Holyoke every once in a while.. not sure if it was you

darikfrye91 03-03-2013 06:31 PM

I've been in Holyoke every once in a while but I'm mostly driving around in Ludlow Chicopee and Springfield. I know of another SVT guy whose girl works at the pride station off 91.
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mjd4277 03-04-2013 08:08 PM

Sounds like fun!!

loc0gring0 03-05-2013 07:57 PM

theres 8 svt's around here I know of.. I guess 10 now with yours and the gas station 1..

is the gas station one a 5 door?

darikfrye91 03-06-2013 05:54 AM

I think so. A blue 5 door. 2002
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Jaketet 03-08-2013 08:15 PM

There's more SVT's in my area than I thought! I'm in Granby MA, I've only seen two in the area other than mine, a blue and black 3-door

loc0gring0 03-08-2013 08:25 PM

black one was prolly me.. I used to do property inspections in granby ma.. I sell parts to a lot of the focus svt people are here..

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