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zx32nr 02-28-2007 11:50 PM

foxwoods pics and vids boredom,
well its almost 1 am and i can sleep so i decided to make my first movie ever, and guess what i had pics and vids of.
well go to my photobucket account and it is the first thing on there. it might take a minute to load up cause it is like 4 mins long

rockthezx3 03-01-2007 12:11 AM

Insomnia is great isnt it. Good little video, I kinda wish I got to drive home with you guys, it looked like some fun.

kcalblabel 03-01-2007 12:50 AM

haha that shits sick, we deff need to meet up and get some more footage
and make a better video

zx32nr 03-01-2007 07:17 AM

yeah, i need more video and less pictures, so it can be evenly displaced. the begining is overkill with all the damn pics

HTPerformance 03-01-2007 10:38 AM

Where's my car?

zx32nr 03-01-2007 04:16 PM

brian i though i put a few pics of yours in

zx32nr 03-01-2007 04:23 PM

yeah man watch the damn beginning.

WitchCitySVT 03-01-2007 05:49 PM

I see my parking spot made the cut.

zx32nr 03-01-2007 06:26 PM

and a few tin the rearview mirror, lol

fatcat508 03-14-2007 09:53 AM

look like u guys had fun nice pic'

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