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spiderpig 01-26-2013 08:45 PM

Thoughts on some mods
I just got my 2013 Ford Focus Titanium in december and am loving it. I'm not a big car guy, but I would like to make it a bit more my own. So I had some thoughts about some mods I wanted to do and wanted to get some opinions on levels of difficultly and suggestion.

So my first idea was to change the pedal covers. For a cool looking car with ambient light it seems like the pedal covers are very bland. I figured I'd get a set with blue in them since my car is performance blue. Any thoughts on removing the existing covers and replacing them? I found in the how to section some tips, but it looked like the just attacked the new covers to the existing ones.

My second idea was a little bolder. I know there is a fix out there that costs 400 bucks that lets you bypass a setting and allows video to be run while the car is driving. I know it had other functions too. But I was thinking of wiring a switch to allow the bypass when needed. My though for this was to have my IPhone output it's video to the 8 inch screen for either video's for the kids or wife - or just be used with my navigation apps as a GPS. I figure this would probably be a bit hard since some paneling would need to be removed and such. The wiring I've done in the past so not to worried about that. Just need to know the wires to do this with.

Third idea was a bit out there for now. But I am a novice flight simulator builder as a hobby and I know some more advanced flight simulators have working HUDS on them. So I was thinking of seeing if I could create a HUD system for the car. Initially I would just want speed...but thinking if I hook up the system with a ODB2 connector I might be able to get more data then just speed (I have a ODB2 wifi setup and some cool Ipad/Iphone apps for it).

So thoughts on this? overall the car is amazing the way it is.

IngotMK3 02-13-2013 03:40 PM

ST pedals should swap over - that would be a nice OEM upgrade.

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