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TheHumbleGeek 10-28-2012 08:09 AM

Overhead wiring....
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ok, so, about a week after I got the car, I got a ram mount for the cellphone that uses the mirror stud to hang my cell up out of the way but still be accessible if needed (voice-command the navi, or whatever), now however, I'm thinking about a permanent wired charger that would come down out of the headliner. the car is equipped with the LED map light (with integral switch, which doesnt seem to want to come down from the roof), I guess my questions are, firstly, is there a constant hot (even ignition hot would work) up there I can use? secondly, if there isn't, is there anything in say, the A-pillar that would keep me from pulling a positive 12vdc up either side and into the center of the headliner? thirdly, how does one remove the LED map/dome light? normally id be checkin the haynes manual for this info, but no haynes yet for the 2012... [sadpanda]

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TheHumbleGeek 10-30-2012 12:47 AM

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found this thread for removing the dome light, just in case anyone is wondering....

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