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djwrg04 09-06-2012 11:35 AM

Aftermarket seats?
My dad got a 2012 SEL hatch and he can't stand how high up the driver seat sits. (He's lowered the seat with the handle all the way down to the lowest setting already)

We disconnected the cables on the battery then swapped the driver seat with my SVT to see if that was any lower than the stock seat for poops and giggles and it ended up with my dad liking how it sat (yes, they bolt up and the new seat fits in the mk.1 Focus....mostly)

He wants to put aftermarket seat in to replace the stock driver seat. We know that he would loose the driver-seat airbag, the heated seat, and whatever else is on there. It may even void the warranty I'm guessing?

The thing I'm wondering is will it mess with the computer systems or trigger some sort of lockout? I have a feeling like something along those lines would happen with all the technology that goes into the car especially with the giant plug with all the wires coming out of it on the front of the seat(I think a majority of them are for the leather seats power motors).

Also, a big issue with adding an aftermarket seat is what will fit. Practically anything will fit with enough work and effort, but for this we're definitely going to be using a seat adapter bracket to mount to the stock mounting location on the car so as not to modify the car itself (going back to perfectly stock is always a good thing). The only issue with the aftermarket seats regarding fitment is whether the seat (when installed in the car, adapter bracket, sliders and all) will be way too low like when putting RX8 seats in a mk.1/1.5 Focus with the Mazda brackets.

With all of the explanation being said and done; how does everyone feel about this seat?

A friend of mine has one in his Honda and it's really comfortable for even a hefty guy like me.

Seat- Ebay

That's just an idea for now. More updates will come when I get a break from college to head home and figure more things out with my dad.

Buickboy 09-06-2012 03:49 PM

i wouldnt trust an ebay seat to hold up in a crash

youll get an airbag light unless you run a resistor where it used to plug in. no clue on what the new cars take

SterlingArcher 09-07-2012 06:20 AM

I really like my SE Sport seats. They're both comfy and supportive. I'm 6'2" and fit in them fine as well, though it did take a lot of micro adjusting to get the position just right. Not sure if they sit any lower, though. Another option is the ST recaros. If your going aftermarket, I'd stick with a name brand (Sparco, Recaro, etc.). I believe you can just pull the fuse for the airbags and be fine. I do like knowing they're therre, though.

MikeSchultz 10-06-2012 11:08 PM

i'm going through the same stuff, the seat is very uncomfortable, the issue i am having at the moment, no one makes an after market set of brackets that bolt to the floor yet, thinking about fabricating a set, there is a company called planted technology who makes brackets, but the have no 2012 focus's to build the template off they are in washington state some where. the link to that seat you gave for ebay i think the top of the seat is to wide thats my opinion for me the best dimension seat that i have found is the corbeau A4 $350 a piece is the cheapest i found them for

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