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RonMaiden 02-12-2013 03:51 PM

New wheels but not on purpose
Had an issue with one of the Drag 19s not staying tight and even after having Discount properly tourque them the one would still loosen on two of the studs. After having them retorqed a few times I was driving along and took a hard corner and two of the lugs snapped off but luckily the other 3 held tight or it would've gotten ugly. I limped it home and had it flatbedded to my mechanic who had to replace the whole hub to a tune of $300.
Talked to Discount which warrantied the one wheel but found out the 19s in gunmetal were discontinued so they agreed to replace the set with one that was available and they even stepped up and covered my repair bill.

I didn't want the Drag 19s in black and my wife really liked the Drag 34s which is what we went with. Still prefer the 19s but in time these will grow on me but as long as my wife likes them then I'm happy.

I'm going to miss the old ones tho' for a while.

Supramk3 02-12-2013 03:53 PM

I dig the new ones more so.

glad they took care of you.

RonMaiden 02-12-2013 03:56 PM

Thanks,that helps a little.

Another pic but proper ones will follow shortly.

DaeHanL 02-12-2013 04:10 PM

black is where it's at! Remind me of VW's BBS, which happens to be my favorite rims. Looks great, bud!

PratoN 02-12-2013 05:08 PM

I know you miss your babies, but I prefer the new ones! [thumb]

Duffman355 02-12-2013 05:58 PM

I feel you dude. Not a huge fan of black wheels, but those aren't bad. I do like me some gunmetal. You could always plastidip them gunmetal gloss if you wanted.

RonMaiden 02-12-2013 06:32 PM

I already have solid black Drag 32s (winter wheels) on the STI and didn't want them to look too similar.

RAF_S197 02-12-2013 06:45 PM

Looks good. Glad discount tire took care of you. They seem like good people to deal with in my past experiences

Touring05 02-12-2013 07:19 PM

looks nice!
The STI is sickk.

2012sel 02-12-2013 08:31 PM

Which of the three Discount Tires in Littleton? It's nice to here they took care of the issue and deserve a shout out.[8D]

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