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fomenter 01-31-2013 10:01 PM

Overall 1 month experience-1500 miles
It has been a month that I purchased my 2013 Focus SE SFE. The odometer shows 1479 miles at this moment.


The car is much better than I expected. I've basically got more than what i paid for.Since I wanted to pay about 15k-16k (otd) for a new ride,I only had a few choices by the time I was in market. I could have bought Yaris, KIA, Accent for that kind of price range, but they aren't even in the same segment of the line with i opted them all out..

The ride is very good when I compare it with a honda or Toyota. It is pretty quite and well insulated. Good suspension, but could be better. The ride is a bit sloppy.. Gas mileage is incredible. I averaged 47 MPG with cruise control at 60 MPH. (Not the mention fact that I had to stop 6 times at traffic lights). However, the overall average is about 36 with 50/50 city-highway.

Not that I care but the speakers are scratchy, but I'm satisfied with overall sound system quality. Very comfortable front seats but rear seats are tight.Interior quality is high. The sync system rocks, works flawlessly!!

The plastic parts in the car rattles occasionally, don't know why though. I still can't decide whether i'm ok with the transmission or not. It behaves well, but there is a slight metal grinding noise (with hesitation when take off) at low speeds when windows are rolled up and radio is off. In fact, I'm taking it to a ford service tomorrow to get it checked out. I have no doubt they will say "normal"...

Very nice car for the money. I enjoy driving it, no major complaint other than what I just mentioned in this threat...

Phokus 02-01-2013 10:29 AM

Let the transmission break in some more. I had it get a little hesitant here and there around your mileage but then after a few hundred miles it settled out and now it just drives like my manual cars just someone shifting for me
Noises, mine may or may not have (have not heard any) but it functions properly so don't need to fix what's not broken. I rather not have the dealer "fix" it and make me hate it afterwards

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