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damianinpa 12-06-2012 03:13 PM

Who's above Regional CSM??
I am in a 2012 Focus Lease. I am exactly 1/2 way, 18 months out of 36. I'm not happy with it as it has been in for service several times for different things. I'm looking to get out of the lease, but, remain with Ford and go with something else. Anyway, I was at my dealer who said I would have to pay thousands to get out, but, he referred me to Ford Customer Serivce sympathizing with my issues. I called and got a very nice woman who passed along my concerns. Got a call today from Regional Customer Service Mgr. who stated she could only work with the Service dept to make sure repairs are fixed. Well, that isn't my probem..I keep having different problems requiring me to take it in. Totally inconvenient and crazy for a new car. I'm trying to negotiate to trade it in for a much more reasonable amount and stick with Ford which I think should be incentive for them to keep me as a customer. (If I'm forced to ride this out..I will never buy another Ford again)She then told me it was ILLEGAL for Ford Mortor Corp to buy back or provide any lending assistance. WTF?? Anyone heard of this. Illegal..really? I asked where I can escalate my complaint. She said there is no one else. I called my Salesman back who didn't buy those statements, but, he said he would see if there is another route they could take. I don't expect them to totally take the car back, but, I'm trying to get more value for it. Kelly Blue Book has tanked on the Focus. My Lease Buy out in 18 months is more than Kelly is showing right now. Pathetic. Anyway, is there someone else I can raise my complaints to?
If anyone from Ford customer service is reading need to Reply. I have been down this road twice with the same regional person calling me with nothing to offer.

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