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GoldenHour 10-05-2012 01:21 AM

is there any way to deactivate the panic button on the key?
i hate the way the buttons are layed out on the IKT and i have accidently pushed the panic button several times -- while in the car, while trying to lock or unlock the car and even from inside my house once. my truck's remote has the panic button on the back and it is recessed. in eight years i've probably accidently pushed it twice. i sure wish there was an easy way to deprogram the button on the IKT.

also, i was reading the handbook and it says to make sure you have an extra key with you. what, carry another IKT in my pocket as a back-up? i'm sure that never happens. where am i going to stash such a large -- and expensive -- key on my focus?

TiStick 10-05-2012 01:41 AM

you can open it up and either remove the part of the button that bridges the contacts, put something non-conductive across the contacts, or sever the contacts themselves.

As for an extra key, not sure why it would be needed. You can always get an extra key cut that will open the doors, but won't start the car without the transponder chip.

Tiger-Heli 10-05-2012 10:01 AM

It might not be that simple.

It wasn't on my 2002 Focus with the separate key Fob, but I had to open it up to remember why.

On the 2002 - there aren't really button contacts - the rubber button cover activates a little microswitch on the PCB below it. Now - with enough skill, you could break or desolder the switch and remove it which would solve the problem, but you can't easily "put something non-conductive across the contacts". (Although, if I were trying it again, I might be tempted to see what SuperGlue or ThreadLock did on the switch when it was not depressed).

I did something different on the 2002 Focus and it worked well for me - I found the vehicle schematics and simply cut the wire from the Central Locking Module to the horn. This might not do exactly what you want. (I sometimes accidentally hit the button and my hazard lights flash, but the horn doesn't sound. The Anti-Theft would also not sound the horn. Also, if I press Lock twice, the parking lights flash but the horn DOES NOT sound.) Personally, the first thing is a minor annoyance, I don't think anyone pays attention to car alarms anyway, and I consider the last item a bonus.

I'm not sure if Ford still uses a hard wire to the horn anymore - so much is data-bus driven now, but if they do, that should work for you.

Scarbelly 10-05-2012 11:03 AM

Epoxy :)

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