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Chickenmuffn 09-08-2012 02:46 AM

Need opinions for LED DRL's
I need everyones help! I can't make up my mind on what pattern I should do. I do really like 'D', because of it's audi'ness. But I also like C E and G

Or I was thinking of wiring each strip of LED separately to a bank of switches so I could change it on a daily basis... And perhaps take out the sidelight and use that as a tunnel for the wires to egress the headlight housing.

Burns098356GX 09-08-2012 03:16 AM

I like D or E. Maybe a little more for E.

I wouldn't wrap it around the entire lamp. I work with a guy who wrapped the entire lamp on his Mazda 3. I think it looks way over-done.

One strip is subtle enough.

BaconZombie 09-08-2012 08:39 AM

I would say D minus the small portion that goes up the side on the outside edge.

starfuryt550 09-08-2012 08:48 AM

D, E, F. In that order! Too much can be too much!

Altis 09-08-2012 09:29 AM

I think D would look more ebay in person, and I've never really been too fond of the way Audi implements it. E is pretty close to what comes in some Foci factory.

B, C, and G are pretty cool. It all depends on what you like! Some photoshopping might help you make up your mind before committing.

craigsfocus 09-08-2012 12:12 PM

If you are wondering what "E" would look like. Look in my headlight mod thread. I have already done it. The problem I ran into was the LED's prevented any adjustment of the headlight reflector. It was hard to take them back out because they looked so good. [sadpanda]

Edit: Linky to my thread.

Mrlandy 03-13-2013 06:08 PM

Take a look at my MOD here. I put them on top under the black housing.

Bliky 03-13-2013 06:13 PM

I've always been a big fan of the way E would look. If you look at it at night it looks like the car has an angry face with the headlights off and just the DRL's... The factory HID's and the Euro Headlights have a strip light that I believe.

Mrlandy 03-13-2013 06:47 PM

I tried D and G and there was really nowhere to hide any glueing mistakes. Mounting on the top (E) completely hides the glue and wires. The GOOP auto epoxy will make sure you never have to worry about the LED strip falling off.

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