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Chaddz3 06-21-2012 11:28 PM

Fog Light Installation - S Model (with Pics)
I decided to put this in a new thread so its easier to find in a search, and to reduce confusion..

This is going to be a multi part install, since I am still waiting for some of the stuff to get here yet.

First an overview of how these things work...

The fog lights in our cars is controlled by the Body Control Module via an internal non-servicable relay. The headlight switch has only 3 wires, power, ground and LIN (data connection to body control module to tell it what mode to run in.) Once the body control module recieves the instructions (for lack of a better word) as to what the driver wishes for lighting, it will energize relays for the parking lights, headlights, high/low beams, and fog lights. as needed.

As a result, the majority of the system is already in place along with all the wiring except for the optional fog harness that connects the fog lamps to the main BCM harness. Ford bundles this harness in with the parking sensor wiring for cars equipped with Park Assist. and it's part number is 15K867 if you were to order the official Ford Part. Well since we don't have park assist on a S model... we have no need for the additional wiring (and cost of it). So we are going to build our own stripped down version here.

Now that we got that out of the way... On to the good part....

PART 1... Building The Fog Light Harness

1. Parts You will Need:

Connector C144 (connection to Main Harness)
Molex MX150 Series 16 way male Connector P/N 33482-1601 (1 pc)
Molex MX150 Series 1.5mm Male Terminal P/N 33000-0002 (4 pcs)
Molex MX150 Series Cavity Sealing Plug P/N 34345-0001 (12 pcs)

Connectors C152 and C162 (connects each fog lamp)
Packard/Delphi MetriPack 280 Female Connector P/N 12124819 (2 pcs)
Packard/Delphi MetriPack 280 Secondary Lock P/N 12020807 (2 pcs)
Packard/Delphi Metripack 280 Female Terminal P/N 12077411 (4 pcs)
Packard Delphi Cable Seal - Green P/N 15324982 (4 pcs)

Black Electrical Tape
Nylon Split Loom Conduit.. 3/8" Diam. (10 FT)
18 Gauge Brown Automotive Wire (10 FT)
18 Gauge Black Automotive Wire (10 FT)

Nylon Zip Ties (6" preferred) (6 pcs)

2. Tools Required

Tape Measure (metric if possible)
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Needle Nose Pliers
Yellow Paint Marker
Gray Paint Marker
Soldering Iron/Solder
Beer.. (optional)

Cut 1 black and 1 Brown wire 75 inches Long or 1900mm Long strip each end 7/32" (or) about 5mm.

Cut 1 Black and 1 Brown wire 8 inches Long or 205mm Long and strip each end 7/32" (or 5mm)

Next.. Take the Yellow Paint marker and paint a stripe on the short black wire

Do the same with the Gray Marker on the Long Black wire.

(Note.. I couldnt find Brown Wire around here so i used white and spray painted it brown so it matches the Ford Wiring Diagram)...

Once your wires are cut and stripped.. and you have put the stripe on them, we are ready to put the terminals on... If you've never put these on before.. order a few extras for practice since they are stupidly cheap.. and its easy to mess up the terminal especially your first time or so doing it. [idea]

For the Delphi Packard Terminals...

First slip the green seal over the wire as shown..
like this...

Then apply the terminal with needle nose by pinching the wings of the terminal closed over the wire strands (do the same with the seal crimp.) BE CAREFUL NOT TO distort the socket part of the terminal and keep your crimp as small as possible.. (there is a tool to do this with but it is way more than i want to pay for..)

Then solder the crimp area.. use only as much solder as is needed to secure the terminal to the wire and DON'T get any in the socket part... Once the wire brush turns silver.. STOP!

For the Molex Terminals... they are done the same way, just without a cable seal...
Completed Molex terminal..

Once all your terminals are on and soldered.. You are ready to begin assemblying the harness...

Starting with the Molex Connector.. The Top of the connector is the side with the part number on it... Looking at the side you insert the wires into, the top row from left to right goes. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
bottom row left to right goes, 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9
Short Brown - Position 9
Short Black/Yellow - Position 10
Long Black/Gray - Position 11
Long Brown - Position 12
The remaining positions will get cavity plugs.. line the notch in the connector hole with the notch on the fat end of the plug.. skinny end goes in first.

Once they are in they should look like this

... More To come...

Chaddz3 06-21-2012 11:49 PM

Building the Harness Part 2
Continuing on...

THe terminals will click when fully seated... pull slightly on them to be sure they fully seated... then turn the connector so the part that plugs in is facing you... Inside you'll see a white plastic lock... press down on that with a screwdriver until it clicks...

Now on to connecting up the Delphi Packard Connectors (C 152 and C162)

Grab one of the black connector housings and insert the sealed terminal end of the short Brown Wire in to Position A (you really have to look they are printed TINY!!)

The Short Black/Yellow goes in position B of the same connector...

press inwards until the terminal clicks in to place... then attach the gray secondary Lock

When Done.. should look like this

Do the same for the long wires for the remaining connector... (again brown wire to A... Black/Gray to B)

Final Steps... Forming the Harness and Applying Conduit...

Holding the wires Tightly tape all four wires coming out of the molex connector together about 1 inch from the back of the connector. Tape them together again about 2 inches from the back of the molex connector. this will form the breakout for the passenger side wires...

At this second tape mark, separate the long wires from the short ones.. and route them 90 degrees to the short wire ... (in a T)... with the wires pulled tight, tape the wires as they go in to their respective connectors about an inch from the back of the connector (black and brown with black tape don't show up worth a damn in pics so sorry no pic on this step...) Also tape the 2 long wires together every 15 to 20 inches or so just to hold things together..

when done it should look like this...

next apply your conduit to stopping at the tape marks just prior to the connectors and cut to fit... then secure the ends with zip ties.. and cut the ends of the ties off...

You now have a fog light harness that will work with the existing harness and the fog lights...

... Coming next.. (once they get here...) the installation of the fog lights in to the bumper, and the installation of the switch in the dash...

In the mean time... have fun!! [cheers]

Chaddz3 06-21-2012 11:50 PM

Blue Print for Harness...
Here is the blue print for this harness....

JL330 06-22-2012 06:22 AM

In on this, can't wait to see the completed install. I'll be doing this at some point. I was just going to tap into the wires for the parking lights but this looks a lot cleaner. It seems I have a lot of projects planned for this car that I have to wait on until I can get settled into my new house.

AllenSellick 06-22-2012 07:55 AM

This is great and thank you for getting all of us the info. I will be doing the same for my Focus. were do i get the connectors from? Ford? or auto parts store?

Mucrammada 06-22-2012 08:55 AM

I bought aftermarkets and couldn't get them set up! Thanks for being a guinea pig!

Chaddz3 06-22-2012 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by AllenSellick (Post 4226193)
This is great and thank you for getting all of us the info. I will be doing the same for my Focus. were do i get the connectors from? Ford? or auto parts store?

I got mine through mouser electronics ( but you can also get them through,

Heilind Electronics (
Waytek Wire (

These guys all offer small quantity orders.. others like Power and Signal, and avila electronics may not...

I strongly suggest ordering all the connectors and terminals from the same place.. the costs between companies is fairly consistant (unless your buying on a factor of 1000's of pieces where 2 cents difference makes a lot) this will keep your shipping costs down...

As far as being a guinea pig... well.. what the hell.. Someone has to do it.. The only thing that i wonder about is if our body control modules are configured to allow fog light operation (much like the cruise control issues others have been having trying to add factory cruise)... but.. if worse comes to worse.. I got other ways to get em to work if i have too... This is why i went with a cheap ebay switch just in case the BCM decides to mess with me.. I'm gonna have em one way or another, so I'm going to need most of the stuff anywho.. so if it dont work im out 5 bucks worth of connector and terminals and 20 bucks worth of switch... I've lost more than that in the couch before.. Anyways.. the fogs themselves did come today... still waiting on the bezels and the switch.. so... I'll let you all know more, when I do...

AllenSellick 06-23-2012 10:44 PM

where did you get the Lights and the Bezels from? and did the lights have a glass lens or plastic? I need to order mine.

Chaddz3 06-24-2012 01:33 AM

Got both on Ebay... the lights i got from saeparts.. and they are plastic.. The bezels came from amautoparts on ebay... I went with the options that offered both pieces for the lowest cost...
Oh and also to add. you will need to pick up some 15 amp mini fuses as well since the foglamp fuse is not present in our cars.. the fuse block for the fog lamp fuse is located on the passenger side of the car under the glove compartment.. theres a small access door to get to it. The fuse in question is F75 in the manual... looking at the fuse panel it would be in the third row from the left and the second fuse down from the top if i remember right... (been drinkin so my memory at the moment is quite foggy, but i had one hell of a fun night)

twoblue 06-24-2012 03:27 PM

Nice write-up, I would have thought it would have been a 12 pack or at least 6 pack install.

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