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Hexx 01-27-2013 02:30 PM

Blower Motor/Resistor/Etc?
2005 ZX3 blower died on me last week. I have since replaced the resistor pack, blower motor, and 40A fuse (under the hood) to no avail. I have a multimeter but I'm unsure of what wires to test and at what voltage.

Prior to this (over the past year or so) I would occasionally get a burning plastic smell in my car, a smell very similar to burning clutch. However, I noticed that I would get this smell even when riding on the highway (e.g. not changing gears). It was definitely the blower as the blower motor itself smells like it.

Right before the blower stopped working temperatures dropped to around -10F here and the blower itself died slowly--going at full speed, then slowly dropping down to nothing after about 30 seconds. I could wait a few minutes and try again and the same thing would happen.

I found a couple other people online that had the same or similar issues but nobody had posted up their final solution. Any help is appreciated.

Squareleft 01-27-2013 03:17 PM

take your multimeter and see if your getting the correct voltage on high to the blower motor. There is only 2 wires going to the blower itself. I know the circuit on most blower motors, the high has its own path and bipasses the resistor. so you technically should have 12v on high. Not exactly sure on the voltage without looking at a wiring schematic. so back probe the positive and find a ground with your negative probe.

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