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Justinr666 01-24-2013 06:37 PM

Reverse bulb questions
so i am on ebay right now looking for reverse bulbs, i know our car is wedge type, but all the ones i like say they arent compatible with the 08 focus... 07 and below. So my question is will an 07 work in our gen? i was going to order one from andysautosport... until i saw they wanted $40 to ship to me... twice what the lights are worth! so any help from you guys will be awesome! thanks in advance

Kipp 01-24-2013 06:42 PM

you need to find a 921 bulb. i think it's the same as a 07, but not 100% on that

Justinr666 01-24-2013 08:52 PM

alright, so i found the correct bulb for the reverse lights, thank you kipp. But, the bulb that sylvania says to use for the map light/trunk light is a 6411 bulb... almost the same as the plate light. But i swear when i took apart my dome light it was a wedge type assembly? any thoughts?

Kipp 01-24-2013 09:01 PM

i think the dome is a 941 if i remember right. give me a minute and i'll find out

Kipp 01-24-2013 09:07 PM

everything i'm showing doesn't look like it's correct. it might be the 3886x bulb, but not sure. i haven't looked at mine in a while since i don't drive the car much. you can always pull the bulbs and take them to an auto parts store and compare to find out what they are.

Justinr666 01-24-2013 09:28 PM

i am thinking that what i will have to do. because the 3441 bulb just doesnt seem right.. thank you for the help

Dukttape 01-24-2013 09:40 PM

The reverse lights I have are 9W LEDs. They're 921s. As for interior lights including the trunk are 194 so if your going to LEDs they're T10 bases.

Justinr666 02-05-2013 12:28 PM

So, i got my bulbs in the mail, started installing them today. Got the drivers side installed with out a problem, they look great.. but when i went to do the passenger side.. i noticed my old bulb wasnt lit up.. and when i went to take it out, i saw it was a bit loose... upon clser inspection i figured out it was because the contacts in the socket were broken.. for some reason the contacts had broken at some point. I will point out this is the first time i had taken out this bulb. So.. now i am left with a broken reverse light and was wondering is the 1 gen focus has the same socket as ours? if so im going to a junk yard and going to get me a new one

DarderSauce 02-07-2013 09:42 AM

Throw up a pic of the broken tabs.

Just a thought, did you try putting the LED in both ways (insert, test, rotate 180*, insert, test) I thought one of mine was fried until I remembered LED bulbs can't go in backwards like the OEM bulbs.

Just a thought, sorry if you already tried this. Also, if you can't find a second gen and the part is the same as I am thinking I have a Junkyard near me with some second gen Foci. I could possibly pull the part for you if it works $$ wise.

Justinr666 02-07-2013 09:54 AM

yea... it had nothing to do with the polarity of the LED's.. as my old filimant bulb wasnt working while in the socket... i did rotate the bulb, and found that once i rotated it, i had to jiggle it around for it to light up... both the old bulb and new bulb didnt sit inside the socket tightly, where as the drivers side, it was a snug fit. i figure the contacts had worn out, and didnt have the "spring" in them anymore... which makes me think that all of you with stock tail lights should check your reveres to make sure they work. Also i ended up getting the part about 20min ago from NAPA... reason is it was only $20, ford offers it for $16... so its not an expensive piece thank god. though, the old socket is a pain to get off for anyone who has to do it... its fused all the way around from dirt and salt. a small flat head helps!

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