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Effected 11-29-2012 01:45 AM

What color for my 2009.
Going to make a project out of Plasti dipping my whole red 2009 coupe sometime soon. Not sure which color to go though.

It's currently red with black rims and 20% window tint.

I was thinking white, black, yellow, or up for any suggestions.

Kipp 11-29-2012 06:56 AM

well there are lots of options on it now. and DYC can mix custom colors for you as well or do it yourself if you so desire. is there anything you've ever wanted to do with it or a color you've always liked and wanted on a car?

calebstubstad 11-29-2012 07:13 AM

do the bright green, and black out everything else. like I mean everything. that'd be sick

Kipp 11-29-2012 08:20 AM

^i agree! that would look good and i thought of doing that on mine as well. my plan is to do the orange with a black roof, upper and lower spoiler, grill, and wheels. my next thought was to just do black and get the blaze colors and do each wheel a different color (one blue, orange, green, red or yellow and purple).

Jason325 12-02-2012 10:36 PM

Make it camo with dip

mac.mogul 12-03-2012 08:11 AM

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Um, just remember that the plastidip will be on the outside so any part of the car that doesn't get painted, like, the door jambs or trunk lid, hood, engine bay, etc... will be bright red.

I would do white or black.

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