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jayhawk3325 11-04-2012 01:26 PM

Help with Aftermarker Parts!
Hey what's up guys...i have a silver 2008 ford focus SES. completely stock. I definitely want to do some things to it. Probably exhaust, suspension (FRPP?), and a CAI possibly. I'm also planning on getting tint. Maybe paint my rims black (plastidip?)

I'm on a pretty tight budget. Considering I've never had anything done to my car before, I thought you guys could probably help me out on what to buy. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys posted your opinions on your own parts as well! Thanks

roger911 11-04-2012 01:44 PM

hay man, i have a 2011 s and the first thing i did when i got it was a cai. i made mine but i have heard so many good things about the fswerks cool flow intake. probably the best one you can get for the money. but like i said i made mine and it does the job just fine for only like 50 bucks:) i too have a tight budget but any extra money you can save will help out alot. iv had my car for almost 2 years and i have the intake i made, the fswerks race exhaust(highly recommended) its lowered and have nice wheels and a tune. if you want some more power and noise i would get the exhaust next after a cai. the frpp lowering setup is great for the money so i hear. im actually saving for that now bc i have eibachs and their really not all that great of a ride.

And last with the wheels, seeing as how you have the ses i would plastidip them bc they look good black and it also saves you a lot of money on wheels at this point in time

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