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Baldurs390 10-14-2012 08:57 PM

Fswerks intake question
so i swapped my steeda for a fswerks intake and i have a few questions... should the filter be really sticky? trying to install it it got it all over my hands and was pain to come off... and another things was the idle... seems like its jumping at idle between 750rpm and 1k... i checked the maf and it seems like its hitting the other side wall of the intake and isnt in all the way... any idea?

rambleon84 10-15-2012 07:57 AM

The filter will be sticky, thats the ITG dust retention coating...just how their foam filters work. Just imagine all the dust and dirt getting stuck to that stuff. I find dish soap and/or glojo to work at getting it off my hands easily.

I'd let the car idle for a while first, the revs should smooth out. just your car learning the new breathing. Also, if you havent already, disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, then once reconnect, let it idle for a while. Should smooth out after a couple of days. You can clean your maf as well.

Ive had the fswerks intake on for a couple years now and have had no issues. What made you switch from Steeda to FSWerks?

crice8 10-15-2012 11:13 AM

are you sure you dont have the MAF sensor in backwards? you should have no issues and it definitely should not touch the other side of the intake lol.

As for the fluctuations in the rpms, this is jsut the ecu adapting to the new intake. make sure you disconnect the negative battery cable for a few minutes and reconnect it.

Baldurs390 10-15-2012 03:30 PM

i should have said i have had it on for about 2 weeks and still having the rev issues

badazz2010focus 10-15-2012 09:53 PM


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