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CheckMyVitals 03-17-2006 03:01 AM

How-To: SVT e-brake install
Tools: 10mm socket (extension is also highly suggested), screwdriver, and needlenose pliers
Time: 1 Beer
Price: Whatever you pick up a SVT ebrake for

Decided to throw down on the e-brake tonight. Not that this is a hard install, I just had had a look around for some suggestions on things to look out for to make this easier and found nothing... so decided I'd toss one up. And before anyone says anything... yes... the car needs a BIG cleanup. Many dirty feet and spilled drinks that havn't been cleaned all winter.

Firstly, before you do anything I would highly suggest you block off your wheels to make sure you won't start rolling. For the garage, I found 2 bricks under the rear wheels to be more than sufficient. Even rocking the car I couldn't move it, so obviously good enough to sit in. Keep in mind you're obviously going to be disengaging the e-brake, and you can't rely on leaving it in gear as you're messing around with the console

To start with, you're going to need to remove the console. If you have an armrest, you'll have to play around with it on the removal. I removed mine months ago, and I believe it was two bolts on the back or something, behind a removable panel.

Once removed, there are three screws. One under each cupholder

and one in the back, under a little plastic plug. This plug drove me nuts, and seeing as I'm never back there, I put a nail threw it and pried it up... then tossed it

Once all the screws are out, screw off the shift knob

Once off, pull your e-brake as high as it can possibly go... absolutely give'er

then start pulling up the console from the rear, pulling the shift boot over the shifter.

You'll run into some issues with the ebrake here, it catches on (and knicks) the console

From here, some wiggeling and the console will come off

You'll see the two bolts holding the e-brake down. You can see both bolts here. Suggested you drop the e-brake, and throw on the extension on your socket wrench. 10mm will do it.

You'll also note the e-brake sensor (passenger side) just simply pull that off.

Once all off, you'll notice the PITA attachments holding the cable in. The top piece I managed to get off with the pliers. Once you get a good grip, bend it and it'll release.

Now, the 10mm socket will get this too. It takes a very surprising amount of turns to get it off.

Once off, pull the cable out, there'll be resistance but I can only imagine how hard you have to pull on this thing to break it

Now, here's where I went wrong. I started by reinstalling the cable first, so I ended up having a lot of trouble with it and having the cable tightened a lot less than it was stock. From this, I also had a really hard time getting it to line up as I was bolting it down and fighting the resistance on the cable.
You will need to insert the cable into hte e-brake first, but you don't need to bolt it down right off the bat.
I'd suggest you insert the cable, bolt the e-brake to the body, then bolt the cable to the e-brake as tight as you can and with teh needlenose again work that stupid clip on

Once that's all done, don't forget to hook the sensor back up.

With it installed, I didn't wanna knick up this e-brake as the stock one was. So i wrapped it in a garbage bag
and covered that with a sock

Once again, absolutely give'er on the ebrake and work the console over the shifter. Some flexing and the e-brake will eventually work it's way back in... then reach in and grab the sock and garbage bag to pull out

Then finish it right off

Screw the console back in, it takes come convincing to get back into the good location, and screw the shifter back on. Should be good to go, just don't forget to toss the blocks on your wheels before you go anywhere

rangers305 01-26-2007 10:42 AM

you have to pull the old cable out, where is the old one attached to? and where do u connect the new cable to? do u have to go underneath the car?

rangers305 02-19-2007 08:30 AM


Lil PZEV 02-19-2007 12:46 PM

You don't go underneath the car, you can do it all from the driver or passenger seat. I don't recall yanking on my e-brake cable when I installed my SVT handle, but it's been awhile. When you unbolt the old e-brake it becomes apparent how to take it off and reattach the new one, hard for me to explain since my memory's fuzzy.

Definitely covering the new handle with a sock or whatever is a good idea. Removing my console didn't scuff the console but it Did gouge the crap outta the underside of my old (thank god!) e-brake handle. I was very cautious getting the console back on over the SVT one!

loudfocus01 03-24-2008 08:39 PM

A important tip for anyone doing this is don't pull out the old cable....use it instead of the one that comes with the svt ebrake handle. I pulled out the old cable, and had to freakin hook it back up from under the car since the part it hooked up to was way deep down in the hole. I had to move part of the heat shield out of the way.....such a big PITA that was. I got it installed now finally, and it looks great.

scrammer 03-24-2008 10:07 PM

ok, this How-To is much better detailed than our current one. consider it stickied.
Chad will prolly be replacing the current with this one.

great job[thumb][ffrocks]

oh and btw, nor I condone drinking alcoholic beverages while modding your FoFo. it just isnt a good idea. besides....[vommit]Corona

checkmyvitals...please, please do not allow the pics in this How-To to be broken. so if you ever move these pics, make sure you update the links here. if you arent able by then (if its been too long), let me know so i can.[thumb]

CaysE 03-25-2008 09:13 AM

Just attach the pics instead of linking.

I found it easier to pop the ebrake boot out of the center console first and removing the nut on the ebrake cable; this way the ebrake handle could point straight up, allowing you to more easily get the console around it when you pull it off.

scrammer 03-25-2008 09:45 AM

with the amount of How-To's that have been posted lately, im not suggesting that. i have submitted 5 to chad this month alone.

CaysE 03-25-2008 10:05 AM

I'm saying he should be able to attach the pics to his post rather than link them.

S2 03-26-2008 11:04 AM

Added to the 'How To Archive'....

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