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lunarc 09-16-2005 12:13 PM

How to: Install an RS center console and Starter button
Ok i figured i better do a how to on this before i forget where i messed up and what i encountered...first off i could have not done this without the diagram posted by turbo-zx3 (which turns out was posted by Focusonfocus). Start off with the link below if you are thinking of installing the starter button. The only difference is my button has 2 prongs, the s2000 has 3.


Link to general install


Time needed ~1-2 hrs

Tools Needed
Screw drivers (Flat and Phillips)
Torx Screw drivers (Smaller sizes)
Circular Saw (or even hand saw)
Wire Strippers/Crimpers

Supplies needed

RS console (if you can find one)
RS Starter button (or equivelent)
1"x2" wood ~12" (needed to mount RS console to stock frame)
2 x 3" Drywall Screws (needed to mount RS console to stock frame)
1 - small piece of plywood or equivelent ~1" thick (needed to mount RS console to stock frame)
10-15 ft of 14-18 gauge wire (different colors optional)
1 x automotive relay (link)
T-Taps (either style works)
Zip ties

Something to add to turbozx3's writeup

How to remove the audio controls on the steering column

You need a smaller flat head screw driver, on the back of the controls there is a small tab in the middle. Instert screw driver in there.

after you instert you will hear a slight "click" and will see it move away from the column.

Pull it away but be carefull...wires are still attached!

to remove simply pinch the longer flat side and it should pull away...always pull by the plug and no the wires


Installing the center console

I did not take nearly as many pictures as i should have so i will try and explain everything as much as possible. When i purchased the console i figured it should bolt right into the stock location with no modifications. I was wrong, since the RS console has no cup holders and has no rear cup holders the mouting areas are a bit higher than the SVT's. So i figured all i would need is a really long wood screw because the SVT's seemed to have the same holes just a bit higher. Wrong again! Not only were the holes higher up, they were also pushed forward on the RS console. So that meant fabricating something. I figured wood would be the best bet, easy to cut and strong enough to hold.

So i measured out the width of the stock holes and cut the wood so it would rest on top, then i made tabs of wood to stick out towards the front of the car so the screw coming from the console would screw right in.

The screws bolting the hole thing together went right into the plastic holes from the stock screws.

After that i had to figure out a way to get the rear of the console mounted. In comes wood again! I got an 1" thick piece of scrap from Lowes and cut it down to the exact size where the 3 bolts used to come through. After the wood was cut, i aligned it on top and tapped the wood with a hammer to make marks where i would need to drill. I drilled the holes a little bit smaller so the fit would be snug. After drilling i lined it up and slowly tapped the wood down over the bolts. The wood did crack a tiny bit but was still strong.

Ok so mounting points are complete, now for a test fit! Works great...

The button install

As i mentioned i used turbozx3s tutorial and wiring guide...follow that. What i am going to illustrate below is how to install the RS button.
I am not responsible for anything that may go wrong during this process...the vehicle electrical system is very sensetive and if you are not comfortable with working with it DONT DO IT!

Ok with that being said lets move on!

After i connected all the wires to the steering column it was time to wire up the relay to the button.

I put all the wires under the dash and attached them with zip ties along the way to keep them hidden.

The main issue i ran into was where to mount the relay...i wanted to avoid it having contact with any metal surface and for it to be mounted securely. I found it! The shifter has 4 bolts surrounding it, i got the relay and tested it on top of the bolt to make sure it had did! So i removed the nut,
The nut had an attached washer that was not going to clear the i had to remove that with some vice grips and pliars i was able to set it free its free!

I wired up the relay per instructions, the only difference is, the switch does not have a ground. So i grounded the relay near the fuse panel.

Here is a picture of the relay mounted

Came out really clean and has about 1/4" clearance all the way around the tabs.

after that i took the two wires that were leading to the starter and tried them out

and crossed my fingers...sure enough first try it worked! So i finished everything up tied it all down and made it nice and clean. I still have to fabricate some things to cover up gaps n what not but all in all it was an easy install. Hope it helps guys!

S2 09-16-2005 12:19 PM

Great writeup! Added to the "HOW TO ARCHIVE".....

microtonal 09-16-2005 12:37 PM

Cool mod but.....

You still have to insert the key into the ignition and turn it to ON then press the button, correct ?

focusonthefocus 09-16-2005 12:48 PM

That is my question as well. If not, an ignition code would be super duper!

lunarc 09-16-2005 01:12 PM

Yes, for two reasons...

1)PATs system requires it (could figure a way around that with some time and money)

2) Steering column lockout...could modify it so it wouldn't do that but i don't know if that is something that can be reversed.

It is more for fun factor, the RS has to do the same thing (insert key, turn to on...hit button) There has been quite a bit of discussion over the start button, if it wasn't for the RS console i dont know if i would have done is pretty fun to press a button to start a car though :)

SVTbrit 09-19-2005 08:54 PM


You've got a's VERY GOOD news!!!!!

Cheers, Shane

osiris_vdc 09-20-2005 11:00 AM

Do you still put the key in the steering column or is the key hole moved to the center consol as well? Isn't the key hole on the center consol on the RS originally? Anybody know how to turn PATS off? Is it controlled by the computer? Could to possibly just flash out the PATS check?

island_boy49 10-07-2005 05:43 AM

if u want you could technically stick a spare key near the ignition that would enable the car to start, but then u still gotta get rid of the steering wheel lock..
you could also use the thing they use to override the pats thing when they install remote start on the cars.

if u get rid of the steering wheel lock and pats key security devices. then what would stop someone from walking by, breaking the focus, and take the car off ur hands. :/ not like most people steal foci, but ppl may

Dirty Bird 15 10-07-2005 06:55 AM

awesome job. Looks really cool.

How much did the entire project cost?

lunarc 10-07-2005 10:29 AM


Originally posted by Dirty Bird 15
awesome job. Looks really cool.

How much did the entire project cost?

Lots [:D]

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