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adrst2.3 11-12-2012 07:35 PM

how to upper hvac led temp side mod
this is a continuation on my version of the upper hvac led conversion mod

last night i left off on the temp side lighting mod

this side requires no cutting or modification of the hvac but it will require skill and patience to get ready and hear we go

time for mod is about 5minutes for experienced people and about 20 for

people who are new to soldering

i used the existing sockets and installed ultra bright white leds to make the temp side lite up as well as the rest of the hvac after modification but this can also be done for non modified hvac face plates.

first i removed the pins from the sockets like this...


then i soldered a left over wire end from the leds i used for the hvac(whoohoo recycling!!!) on to 1 of the socket ends like this...


once that was done i soldered the resistor to the other socket end
like this...


now if youve made it this far and are fustrated dont give up the modification of the socket is almost done but...theres more fustration to come,lol.jk.

once you solder both ends to ether socket end pop them into the socket
like this....


once you do this do not remove the extra wire coming off the resistor.
you will do this last.

now that you have done all of the above all you need to do is place the smd led between the pins and solder it.
the polarity side of the smd leds is the flat part of the smd not the notched side,you will solder this side(flat side of smd)to the resistor side of the socket like this...


once you do this all you have to do is tack the other side and your done.

test your led with an outside 12v power sourch or plug it in to the hvac

the resistor side will go on the lower connection of the socket assembly.

if you install it wrong you will see that it doesnt lite up just reverse the socket and it should lite.
do not take to long to observe the lite output because the led will blow.
do a quick check and proceed.

once your done your custom hvac should look like this....


now what i did when i did my hvac red was i installed a red led using the same proceeder above on the socket thats second to last of the left side and i used the white smd to lite up the blue side of the temp dial and thats how i got a nice even look
this is how it looks with the face off using the red led and the smd...


for blue hvacs i used a blue led for the blue side and the white smd for the red side of the temp might need to bend the smd alittle to the left so its not so bright on the blue leds in the center dial but it wont be much.

now once your done with the socket you can fill it with hot glue or silicone but that would be optional since the socket keeds everything secure.

you might be wondering why i used an led versus a smd for the other socket.

well my reason is the smd is realy bright and will bleed out into the other hvac color so to even it out i used the led since its not as bright as the smd
and just placed it were necessary to get the perfect lighting to that side.

enjoy guys!!!! theres more to come.

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