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Teknique 11-05-2012 01:33 PM

RAM phone mount
Upgraded my phone mount this weekend as well. Used the RAM universal mount as another option to the kuda mount.

Low position

High position

And strait forward flush with the steering wheel, good for pecking at while driving

Also does landscape in any position

Its not as clean of an installation as the kudo but it is pretty cool looking, and is extremely functional especially if you use your phone for music like I do.

Shopping around, you can get this setup for about $25 and a smaller arm if you didnt want it so big. Sorry about the pictures, my camera was acting out.

SvviftSVT 11-08-2012 03:26 PM

screws into the radio bezel?? eek
other than that, looks pretty decent.
i still like the looks of the kuda better..
but different options are always good to see.

ViperThreat 11-12-2012 12:08 AM

Definitely functional, but Im not sure how fond I am of the looks. Definately not a fan of screwing into the dash with visible screws.

katiekay 11-12-2012 11:26 PM

It is different, and looks to be in a better position for viewing your phone, as everyone else said, not a fan of screws showing. Where are the wires going to your phone? Good to see other options to mount your phone!

Teknique 11-14-2012 06:14 PM

Well the screw heads are black now so its not so noticeable and I already have a spare bezel so I wasn't hesitant to take a chance.

The iPhone cable is run through the bezel as well, right behind the bracket for the mount in a way so I can adjust the length to reach the seats or just enough for the holder. The cable is a LOD for music as well as a charger, not a usb port, I hate those tiny interfaces!

Mr.Bergner 11-16-2012 06:05 PM

Functionality and adjustability are strong with this one....

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