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thenewage 07-27-2007 07:23 PM

Using El Wire in your focus. Cool mod!
Here are some pictures of using El Wire (basically a wire that glows run off of an inverter) in my focus.

Some people have been using LED's in there vents and cup holders but this really looks clean and the cup holders are really awesome. You can't see the vents that great in the pics but they look much better in person. The last pic is where i put my inverter (its the bottom one, the top is my bass boost). I just hit the little button and i have three modes (fast flashing, slower flashing, and just on with no flash). This inverter runs on AA batteries so i didnt have to worry about fuses or hardwiring to my stock wiring ( great if i ever wanted to take the lights out).
The wire around my sub and amp is connected to the trunk light that turns on only when the hatch is open which is also very convenient.

As you can imagine you can pretty much put this stuff anywhere and there are many more colors available. The biggest catch is that in daylight even when its off the wire is pretty bright, so it might not look too great out in the open on your dash or something. Its a really easy mod if you even know just the basics about wiring stuff up.
Listening to techno... $1.00 (burned cd)
Hearing your bass pound in the back...$350.00
El Wire and inverter... $20.00
Doing it all at the same time with your vents and water bottles flashing..... priceless

nstiesi 07-27-2007 11:02 PM

Looks very nice, and a very original idea. Good job [thumb]

One thing, you should try to hide the inverter behind the dash, or even under the seat, and just run the switch and mount it somewhere clean....then you would be set.


nstiesi 07-27-2007 11:05 PM

oh yeah, one more thing, where did you score the wire and inverter?

thenewage 07-28-2007 03:57 PM

ya i wanted to put it under my seat but i didnt have enough wire. Im gonna have to splice some together. I got it all on ebay for pretty cheap. A guy sells it named "bidonline777". he sells all kinds of inverters and the wire is $1.48 a foot.

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