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microtonal 11-26-2003 05:39 PM

Euro grille - 2002 Upper / 1998 lower
I just installed my 2002 Upper Grille and 1998 Lower Grille I ordered from European Parts. I used the Upper Euro grille with US Turn Signal mod for instructions. Got both shipped for $112.67 USD.

The instructions were pretty good and got me through the install. Since this mod was documented in 2001, it did not account for the 2002 upper grille.

Upper Grille
When you install the 2002 Euro upper grille, you will need to cut out a small piece in the middle or your hood latch release will not be accessible. In Europe they have the hood key lock so they probably don't have the hood release latch.

I used 6/32 by 3/4inch screws with locknuts instead of zip ties for mounting the turn signal lights.
I only need to mount the top two screws and it is on there soild. I also didn't drill thru the turn signal lights to mount the turn signal lights like documented. Instead I left two tabs at top when I cut the turn signals from the grill and drilled the holes on the tabs.

Lower Grille
Pretty straight forward using the instructions. I only needed to zip tie the two ends and two in the middle and it snaps in there pretty tight.

Overall, it did take me about 2hrs to do as documented. The hardest part is cutting the turn sigs off the old grill. Sawing the Fog light mounts from the lower grille was a cinch because the plastic was alot softer.

microtonal 11-26-2003 06:04 PM

Oh...maybe I should post pics huh...

slate 11-26-2003 06:19 PM

Looks nice. I seen a focus around my way with those headlights on, but they seemed to have wired the halos to the signal wire because the person was making a left and the halo was bliking. Those headlights do look nice though.

Lil PZEV 11-27-2003 11:48 PM

That looks really good Microtonal! Those halos look real nice on the silver foci too, great job!

hotfocus 11-28-2003 12:04 AM

Nice job...looks great.[thumb]

mofocus 11-28-2003 03:47 AM

should have got matching upper and lower, wre it my car itd bother me, but looks nice

zzzzzts 11-28-2003 05:31 AM

I like it. The front looks real nice and clean.

Chick 11-28-2003 08:30 AM

Wow. That's what I've been looking for. That grill. Well both of them. That looks pretty spiffy. And you got them both from European parts, right?

microtonal 11-28-2003 11:04 AM

Ya, mofocus, I thought about getting the 1998 upper grille for matching but that would of been the logical thing to do, to get matching sets.... But I'm weird..LOL...and require something different an abnormal....

Both the 1998 and 2002 are diamond pattern. The 2002 just has larger diamonds.

Any yes, got them both form European-parts for the priced stated.
The shipping is the same if you order just the upper or lower grille or both. It must be a weight thing and I bet those two grilles couldn't weighed more than a few pounds at the most since they're just plastic. It took seven days(including weekends) to receive after they were shipped.

bluezx3 11-28-2003 08:22 PM

Hey microtonal, were did you get the upper grille, cuz i like your how your lights you cant even see them tell me how i can do that

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