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Gudziel 02-22-2013 10:25 AM

07' w/ Couple Headlight Questions
I've been doing some research on changing out my stock headlights with headlights of another kind. I'm not sure if it is the fact that my stock bulbs have a yellow tint to them, or my eye-sight is going, but it can be difficult to see at night. My gf even laughs at my high-beams.

With that said, I'm interested in changing my bulbs/entire enclosure out with something better. Question is, what is better now-a-days?

I understand that the HID lights are best. And I would love to do the mod for the HID setup. But I am nervous to. I also would like to get the best bang for my buck, as I do not want to be cheap (I know that cheap means.... crap) but I don't want to get too expensive.

I've ordered new rotors, brakes and hardware to replace my old, so I figured while I wait for them to come in the mail, I will order new lighting to do my changes all at once. Only thing I have left to do is figure out which way I should go for headlights? Halogen or HID that is not too expensive??? If Halogen, can someone please refer me to the best bulbs out right now? If HID, someone refer to me to a decent distributor that isn't too too costly??? I'm really stuck.

I appreciate everyone's help. Thank you

rambleon84 02-22-2013 10:51 AM

Well first, what shape are your headlights in now? Are the lens on them still clear or have they become clouded/yellowed?
If they are cloudy and no longer clear, look into a head light restoration kit (sold at autostores/walmart/online)
Example here

If your bulbs are yellow (its halogen, they usually are some shade of white/yellow unless they are tinted) Typically the "brighter" a halogen is, the shorter its life will be. Philips/Slyvania make some nice ones, you can research on google for what models work well ect. Stay away from ones that are blueish, they are tinted and wont have as much out put.

Aftermarket headlights will not be much of an improvement, some are even worse due to lousy quality parts/lenses/projectors. They may look cooler but not function better or have more output. Fit and finish isnt always great either.

Now the best results will be from retrofiring a proper HID setup into your headlight. That means adding a proper lens/projector, not just putting an HID bulb in the normal reflector housing (the later will possibly have worse out put due to scattering and will blind other drivers since the light is not focused at all.)

A retrofit kit is around $300 and will have the best results. This is an easier model to fit due to its compact size and has a great reputation. (9007 for the wiring harness.) You do have to remove the headlights from the car and bake/separate the lenses to install. Lots of examples of their output over at (notice that clear/defined cutoff line and the glorious output? Compare that to this; a hid in a reflector, hot spots and tons of scattering)

Gudziel 02-22-2013 11:08 AM

Thank you for your reply.

I have not changed these bulbs since I got the car when it came out in 06'. The interior of the lenses have not been cleaned since I've had the car, and honestly planned on buying the Sylvanian Headlight Restoration Kit upon bulb installation.

I was looking at the baking of the housing and changing from the Modding Threads, but am uncomfortable in doing so. Honestly, what $300 gets me is amazing and would love to install it. But the cost is more than I'm willing to pay at this point in time.

As for halogens, I was looking into the Phillips Ultra or Sylvania Silverstar Ultra, ZXe, or PHillips Ultra but am unsure of the best. And the white was the only ones I wanted, no blue tint.

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