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bp944 02-19-2013 10:14 AM

2002 zx3 door replacement? and other issues
I just bought a 2002 zx3 and the drivers side door has some rust on the bottom. Since the car is white, it looks pretty bad. What door will fit in a 2002 zx3 that I could pick up to swap in (sedan, zx3, years, etc)?

The gas filler door doesn't shut because the plastic piece is broken, is there any solution to this issue or do I have to find a new plastic boot-thing?

Are there stock seats that will fit in the car that are a little more sporty. These seats are huge and take up a lot of space. I don't want to go out and get a set of race seats. They're too expensive and this is daily driver. My other car is my track car.

What are light and cheap wheels for the car? I'm looking for better mpg so I want to swap the wheels from the stock wheels that are on it. They can be bad wheels since they'll have winter tires on them for my winter beater. Any thoughts?

rambleon84 02-19-2013 12:14 PM

only zx3 doors will be the same size...iirc, 00-07 should be a direct bolt in (05-07 will have different, unmatching trim pieces, swap yours over)

any zx3 seats from 00-07 will swap with the best and sportiest coming from the SVTs. if your seats have airbags, then you may be limited to the same year/model to ensure those are plug and play. If no airbags in the seat, then they all should work, just reuse your seat belts. Other model seats (from 4 door focus) would bolt in but zx3 needs the fold/slide forward that are only on other zx3 seats.

Cheap and light usually are mutually exclusive when it comes to wheels, unless you want cheap wheels that are garbage. Decent wheels can be found in the buy/sell trade section on this site, lots of good things there. Popular wheels are those from the 17" SVT wheels as well as 16" alloy from other years. Any oem focus wheel from 00-11 will work. Wheels need to be 4x108 and should have an offset from 40-50. 15/16" wheels will have slightly cheaper rubber and 15"s will provide the most sidewall on a tire, might be better for rough roads from winter driving.

for new, Sparco makes some alright ones that wont break the bank and are still light. The assetto gara is pretty popular and is lighter. Head over to and type in your car, they will list the wheels that will fit (ignore the photos that show 5 lugs, just a stock photo)

bp944 02-19-2013 01:22 PM

I'm actually alright with garbage wheels as long as they won't brake on me. I just want to get better mpg. With 300,000 miles the engine isn't exactly setup for power. If I can get cheap lighter parts, I'm completely okay with that.

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