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BigMikeD215 01-01-2013 08:38 PM

noobish query on headlight bulb replace and grill

I wanna swap out my stock headlights with some sylvania SSU's and change the grill to the black variant and not the stock chrome. I took a gander today out of sure boredom and come to find out ford likes to be like a Volkswagen and make a simple install 3x more difficult. I wanted to take each headlight out and try to change the bulbs that way considering my older piece of chid toyota was dented and busted but i have a fairly good idea how the process works. But some said online all it takes is the removal of the water cover and wiriing harness and grasping the jelly lid style mount and getting that loose to turning the bulb counter clock and boom.. Haaaa yea no thats awkward and i gave up for the time being I cant afford a loose assembly and no lights at all. so i said screw it and come back to it.

on to the grill I realize its much easier once you get the plastic shroud thats in the way... only to find out that it just doesnt come off via the screws it looks like there a nut on the other side. do you really have to remove the fron bumper to get to the underside for a simple grill replacement.

LOL these things are so easy once you know what your looking at.
[hatchet] to ford makers.

sleepyboy 01-01-2013 08:45 PM

Moved ya to the MK1 area from the Mk1 interior chat area. Wish I could help you on the light replacement, I've never messed with a 05' or newer focus's headlights before.

Keno1bob 01-01-2013 09:13 PM

the headlight are really easy to change out.
took me a while to see what i was doing but once i figured it out it was easy.
remove dust cap.
unplug wire harness.
turn ring counterclockwise(its like a big wing nut).
once yu get it off the headlight should come right out.

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