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Incognito27 10-09-2012 05:02 PM

Bluetooth OBD2 for Codes and such
I am looking at getting a Bluetooth OBD 2 to look at codes and such useing my android phablet . I have the software , but i want to make sure a) its OBD2 and b) version 1.4 or 1.5 or so on.

Any insight?

matmatician 10-09-2012 07:54 PM

The only ones they make are obd2, and the unit number should be ELM327, mine's manufacturer is BAFX. I got mine from Amazon, it was the one with like 200 reviews. Are you using Torque?

matmatician 10-09-2012 07:57 PM

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Incognito27 10-09-2012 08:33 PM

yea i got torque , and good i got a elm327 :P
should have it by friday or monday

matmatician 10-09-2012 10:50 PM

Right on man, so far its one of my favorite car related purchases. I was one of the fortunate people that got the dash without the tach... in a manual transmission. I put Torque on my phone and now I use my phone as a dash mounted tach! Brilliant!

Incognito27 10-09-2012 10:51 PM

Yea , i have a Tach but i would like to be able to monitor the sensors , and make sure its still running good. been having a few issues as of late. :P

Mad_Max_Geo 01-21-2014 08:01 AM


Did your ELM327 work on your focus? I bought one similar for my euro focus and it didn't work!

matmatician 01-21-2014 01:47 PM

It did work on mine, actually... are you using an Android or Apple phone? If you're using an Android phone, check out the app Torque

Mad_Max_Geo 01-21-2014 02:13 PM

I use an android phone. Well it wasn't the phones fault as I found out but it was the adaptors fault.

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