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Jackscar 08-29-2012 04:56 PM

Airbag Question for 2001 Focus ZX3
I am helping a relative repair a 2001 Focus ZX3 he purchased with the airbag light on. He has owned the car for 4 years and the airbag light is on. The car has an un-repaired dent on the bottom of the passenger side front fender right behind the tire. I think a previous owner tried unsuccessfully to repair the airbag light issue. The passenger side dashboard air bag is present but not bolted's just sitting there under the dash cover. For obvious safety purposes i got some bolts out of a junkyard and attached it properly after disconnecting the battery for one hour. My questions: 1. Do both air bags deploy when a car is in an accident or can it just be one? 2. If only the passenger side dash airbag deploys and no one is in the seat will the seat belt pretensioner still activate? The black plastic (rectangular approx. 6" long) between the female buckle and side of seat (near gas cylinder) is in perfect condition and is definitely not crumpled. I'm just having a difficult time trying to figure out what repairs have been made. I do plan on sending the airbag module to to have the crash codes removed and reset.

Jackscar 10-02-2012 01:49 PM

Air bag light off. I replaced the airbag module with one from a junkyard and the light went off. I got the idea from a thread started by "joshuaaturner". Thanks for your help Josh.

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