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mercuryinhell 08-21-2004 04:35 PM

How To: Install Saleen Spoiler

More info coming soon! My spoiler is in the shop for paint and should be installed on Tuesday. For now, take a look at the hardware that comes with it (I had to call and get them to ship mine, they forgot it*lol*).

Here is the whole kit and
a check list for you:
1X LED Light Bar
2X Plastic red hole covers for light bar
1X Black metal wire holder
8X Nuts and bolts
20x Washers
4X Little Bolts
2x Screws for light bar
1x RH Upper Bracket #8135
1x RH Lower Bracket #8136
1x LH Upper Bracket #8009
1x LH Lower Bracket #8010
1x Double faced adhesive tape roll
Close up view of the brackets so you can get some idea of how it works.

The spoiler itself consists of 4 parts, 5 if you count the light bar.
The top wing and sides are permanently together, so if you wanted the second plane could be optional (but that would be silly). On the side there are 2 insert pieces, which I am not sure how to install, but I think the adhesive tape might be the answer. The light bar mounts up fairly easily and taps into your third brake light. The third brake light does not need to be removed, and can be easily tapped into at the underside of the hatch. Simply splice the 2 wires onto the led bars 2 wires and you are done. I suggest test fitting the spoiler to see that it will fit correctly before you goto paint it.

After that, this is how I plan to mount the spoiler.

1 -Get the spoiler back from paint
2 -Attach the LED bar using the 2 screws supplied. (I don't know wheter to use the wire that is in the spoiler ans splice in, or run the very long one attached to the light bar at this time. That will be a decision you will need to make.)
3 -Take all 4 brackets and place them on the hatch in the general area where the spoiler will mount. The labels on the brackets are self-explainatory. Get them adjusted so that the holes on the inside of the main spoiler line up with the holes on the brackets.
4 -Attach the main spoiler to the brackets using 4 of the large bolts included. I suggest putting a washer on the bolts before you put it into the spoiler. Do not overtighten because it can damage the fiberglass.
5 -Line up the spoiler so it is where you want it and that it is level on the window. Hold the spoiler in place and drill your holes on the inside of the hatch. Insert the other 4 bolts to the inside in the hatch, through the brackets.
6 -Close hatch.
7 -Line up secondary spoiler in between the main arms of the main spoiler. Make sure it is facing the right way. Line up the holes on the secondary wing with the holes in the indentations on the side of the main spoiler. Use the 4 small bolts supplied to mount the secondary to the main spoiler.
8 -Use the supplied adhesive tape to secure the side panels. I suggest running a piece the whole way around the inside where the corner is. That way you get some on the top and the side. This will ensure a good fit you won't have to worry about.
9 -Attach your brake light wire to the LED light bar by running the wire up to where the rubber boot is for the hatch. The boot should easily come off. Splice your 2 wires from the LED to the 2 from the brake light. Make sure to match up your colors. Black goes to I think it is green/black. Red goes to red.
10 -I suggest using some super glue or epoxy to mount the little red circles to the LED bar. There is no real way to hold them in there. You could try using your adhesive tape, but I think I will go superglue. It is more reliable.
11 -Step back and take a look at your new spoiler.

zx505focus 10-07-2008 10:21 AM

i just got me a wing but it didnt come with the hardware. I need to find where i can get it. But this help me out alot. Nice write up and i know this thread is old but had help finding it. Thanks

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