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bluefront 11-15-2008 07:32 AM

lateral headlight adjustment, 05-07
I wonder if anybody has tried to pull it off? My headlights (06) have up/down adjustment only....I guess all these cars are that way. My '95 Sentra also had a side-to-side adjustment. It was accomplished by a separate headlight mount bracket that was adjustable.

I wonder if a small amount of adjustment could be performed by enlarging the Focus headlight mount holes....or some other method? I only need a few degrees adjustment on both sides.

Pretty cheap of Ford to leave off this essential adjustment IMO. [:(]

iminhell 11-16-2008 12:52 AM

The bolts on the top of the radiator support allow a bit of side to side adjustment. Yes I have tried it with my car, but I really didn't gain any better night vision than factory, but I could notice that light dispersion changed slightly.

bluefront 11-16-2008 03:38 AM

Thanks for the me some hope I can pull it off anyway, maybe with some small enlargement of the mount holes. I've always been picky about headlight aim, and try for the same headlight alignment with every car I've owned. This is the first car I've had with a fixed side-to-side setup.

When you get older, you become more aware of these sorts of things, and getting it right becomes more necessary. I ordered a new set of headlights recently, so I'll have the things off for the install. Good time to do the necessary mods.....

When I get the right time to do this, I'll update this thread.

bluefront 11-19-2008 03:50 PM

Update.....I had the headlight housings off today, and got a chance to examine the mounts closely. Doing the adjustment mod looks to be possible, without much trouble. I suspect you could get 5-8 degrees adjustment.

How.....there are two location dowels that prevent adjustment. On my car I need the headlights to pivot outward slightly. To do this you would cut off the inner dowel on each side (closest to the center grill). You would also have to enlarge the upper mount holes in the headlight housing....and do a small amount of trimming of the outer bracket.

Now when finished, you would loosen the two upper mount bolts, and manually pivot the housing. This would involve some trials, and some road tests to get it set right. But it will work.

This mod I'm saving for next spring.....but it's possible if you're picky, or maybe your headlights are way out because of an accident.

scrammer 11-19-2008 04:21 PM

Move to: "Exterior Body & Lighting"

the Mach headlights have horizontal adjustment.
not sure of the 99-04 non-HID headlights have horizontal or not.

bluefront 11-24-2008 04:21 AM

Here's a photo of the location dowel you would have to cut. The part to cut off is circled. The other part would just rest on the core support, preventing the headlight assy from going downward at that point, but still allowing side-to-side adjustment. If you wanted a more secure mount......after you settled on a final adjustment, it would be easy to make a small bracket to tighten it down. (don't think that's necessary however).

bergj1986 11-24-2008 11:26 AM

My Cross-Eyed '05
I recently got eBay projector headlights and have been having some aiming issues. As most of you know, the headlights can be aimed vertically, but not horizontally. My drivers headlight is pointing a little to the right, however, my passenger headlight aimed even more to the right, making it's light output pretty worthless. Anyone have any ideas how I can correct for horizontal aiming? My car is an '05 ZX3.


bluefront 11-24-2008 11:51 AM

I haven't done the mod yet......but I'm confident it will give you enough adjustment to make up for most alignment problems.

bergj1986 11-24-2008 05:54 PM

Wow, I started a thread with this question and all of a sudden it turned into your thread, weird. I just got my HIDs and I'll be trying this mod in a few hours. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

bluefront 11-24-2008 07:50 PM

The mods merged your new thread with my original thread......and used your thread title.

I tried leaving out the lower mount screw (the one under the fender). You might get more adjustment this way. The upper two mount bolts seem to be plenty, as long as one location dowel is left in place. You might even try cutting both dowels to get more adjustment. Depends on how much adjustment you need. The outer mount bracket (by the fender) may need to be trimmed slightly on the edge, to gain a few more degrees.

I didn't have to do any mods to my new black headlights. The alignment was almost perfect. Report back and let me know the outcome...I'm interested.

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