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metatr0n 02-27-2008 02:39 PM

'05 ZX4 SE - OEM Fog Lights
Ok, so I've got this '05 ZX4 SE sitting in my driveway since yesterday evening. So far I really like it and am totally impressed by this amazing enthusiast community. Seriously, I had no idea there were this many Focus Fanatics! :) Too many informative threads to wrap my head around so far.

Anyway...the reason I'm posting this is to determine, once-and-for-all, what is required for the 2005 OEM Fog Light setup.

Here are the things that I do know:
- Most 05+ Foci are pre-wired for the lights
- Most 05+ Foci have the relay required for the lights
- Most 05+ Foci don't have the switch required to operate the lights separately

AND here are the things I want to know:
- Are the OEM lights different for pre 05 foci?
- If I purchase an individual (or pair) of OEM lights, will they fit snugly in the space allowed or do I need to also get a bezel to fill in any gaps?
- Will the existing light switch operate the fog lights if I turn on the driving (yellow) lights?

FocusedEnergy 02-27-2008 03:17 PM

As far as I know....
-the OEM lights are different. The 05+ lights are round.
-on my 06, there are covers where the fogs would be, seeing as I have none (but I'll be fixing that up myself soon enough). A bezel would be required.
-I really don't know on that one. Although my best advice to you is to read the "how-to" information archive that is on here. I have the LINK for you here, it'll probably answer about 80% of all your questions. ....and it's a safeguard in case I'm not 100% correct on the information:)

...and Welcome to Focus Fanatics!

Brent372 05-18-2008 11:37 AM

I bought fogs, bezels and a switch for my 07 SE only to find that there wasn't an ounce of wiring for them already there...

XxXREDZX4 05-18-2008 11:47 AM

i was in the same boat man.

first of all check tot see if your car came wired for the fogs. if not you will need to buy along with your foglights and bezels (you need the bezels...or eles you will have nasty gaps around the fogs), the wireing and switch (you HAVE to have the switch with the foglight option or it they will not operate). my focus had the relay but was not wired for the fogs.

if your car does not have the nessescary wireing i have a set of stock wires (never used on a car these are brand new) and a headlamp switch with the foglight switch for sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. but you will still need the Foglights themselves and the Bezels. i bought my foglights and bezels off a site for 130 bucks shipped.

XxXREDZX4 05-18-2008 11:52 AM

wow i just realized this thread was 3 months old...=P

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