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DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 02:55 AM

Air horns installed. Pictures, Sounds and tips.
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Well, I finally did it. I installed Italian air horns in my Focus.
I've already done this on my other car and really liked the sound so I knew it was just a matter of time until I put them in the Focus. I got them at Harbor Frieght Tools locally but they are also available at their website for the same price,$18.99.
The picture online shows a different set but I think they're the same item. They went in my old Z24 fairly easy but there was much more room in the nose area. The Focus on the other hand has a sloped front which limits the space and choices of where to put them. I finally settled on the open area before the right front wheel.
The first pic shows the contents of the horn kit.

Note: There is no wiring included, but a relay is.

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 02:56 AM

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The stock horn is in the left front area. It is very cramped there due to the PZEVs cold air intake and filter box.
What a coincidence, the old whimpy horn is the same brand as the LOUD new ones!
After some testing, later put the old horn back in and hooked up also. The reason is because the chirp from arming the alarm is too short to blow the air horns. The compressor for the horns takes a little time to get going and the chirps are just too short to get enough pressure. I wanted to hear the warnings and status beeps. It still sounds great even together with the old horn. You can barely hear the old one through the extra loud blast of the new ones!

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 02:57 AM

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The old horn's power connector is just snapped on. I started making a harness using this connector so I wouldn't have to cut the original wires. I abandoned this method when I decided to keep the stock horn in the system. I just tapped the horn voltage for the compressor relay using weather resistant crimp taps. They are different from the regular taps because they contain some kind of clear gel to repel moisture.

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 02:59 AM

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This shows where I put my bracket for the compressor. It's just a standard L bracket from a hardware store. The kit comes with minimal mounting hardware so you may have to improvise with something like this or drill a hole somewhere. I believe that the bolt I used is holding the bottom of the serpentine belt cover.

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 03:00 AM

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Here we see the same kind of bracket held by one of the radiator mount bolts for the horns. The horn brackets are bolted to two different holes in the L which allows for more flexible positioning.

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 03:01 AM

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Note the missing panels under the bumper skin. I considered this area for mounting the horns but changed my mind because I didn't want to impede air flow to the radiator. There also would have needed longer air hoses which is not recommended. The longer the hoses, the longer the delay before the compressor delivers enough pressure to sound the horns. They would have fit nicely though!

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 03:02 AM

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I made sure that they were not visible and are protected from rain.

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 03:03 AM

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I mounted the fuse on the convenient tab provided by Ford. It contains a 20 amp as recommended in the instruction diagram. I am using parts of the wiring harness left over from the factory fog light kit I installed. The fog light wiring in the ZTW was already there so I only needed the grill. lamps and the switch.

DidHeFocus? 05-23-2004 03:04 AM

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I mounted the horn relay next to the original horn using a wire tie to a couple of small holes that were already there. I made sure all wires were either taped or protedted by spit-loom wire conduit. The air intake duct was temporarily removed and would normally block this view of the horn and relay.

xyzalvarez 05-23-2004 03:04 AM

very good idea!!!
you should post a waw. file to listen the horn in action!!!

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