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avengerc4 05-21-2004 06:50 PM

calipers painted, but question
ok I painted my calipers and they look hot! Painted em gunmetal. Well my question is this. Me and my friend used primer and then paint after we sanded them down with fine grit sandpaper. After we got 2 coats of paint on and let it sit a while we decided to put some awesome decals on there to write out zx3 on mine and ser for his sentra. Well we got that and then clearcoated em so it looked bad as hell. Well we started driving around with em on and it dried fine but then the letters peeled off and I don;t know why. Well Mike had one letter that stuck onto his so he peeled it and as he did it took off the paint too! Like the paint and primer just peeled off. My car is fine I took the letters off no prob just a couple of smudge marks so I'm gonna sand it down again in the one spot and repaint a light shade, but why did his peel and mine didn't or should I be worried that they WILL peel? We are taking the letter thing and throwin it in the crapper so I'm just hoping the paint will stick now. So far for 2 days mine are great and withstood rain as well. His rears are fine (sers have 4 wheel disc luckies ;) ) but his fronts just peeled away. So that was my first question. My second is if my paint does peel off and look like shit I'm just gonna polish them and just make em shiny as hell metal, (Mike already did that to one of his front and it looks good as well, painted is better imo but if it don't work its my only other option) so my second question is will that rust? If so could it be painted over if sanded down again? Thanks for all the help and we might work on it tonight so any help asap would be great...if not tonight tomorrow morning were gonna try :) Thanks a lot!

fast5 05-21-2004 07:07 PM


BlkZX3 05-21-2004 10:18 PM

I put the caliper paint right on mine without primer, 3 coats paint, 2 coats clearcoat...they're still beautiful after 4-5 months.

avengerc4 05-22-2004 02:23 PM

so for the rears I shouldn't put on primer? just spray with the paint after sanding and then the clear? cause the fronts look good (one chip already cause a rock...pisses me off ;) ) but I am gonna have to do the rears in a in other words just leave out the primer and just sand? Thanks for the info!

avengerc4 05-22-2004 02:24 PM

PS: Pics will be on here when I fix up the smudged paint ;) gimme a while cause this week is suppose ro be all rain :(

BlkZX3 05-22-2004 10:08 PM

Why are you going to paint your drums man...reminds me of a civic when people do that.

Just the front calipers look great IMO.

hogy72 05-24-2004 05:58 AM

hey BlkZX3, i put on 2 coats of paint last week and they look great, but i didnt clear coat them, should i do it?? Id have to find time sometime next week.

cpyder 05-24-2004 08:59 AM

I have been intending to paint my calipers and drums... I want to do them gun metal, only I would love to paint the factory rims at the same time. If I do not paint the rims then I would try to do the calipers and drums a crome color... not sure how it would look, so if you get pics with your gun metal color I would love to see them. Help me make up my mind.

avengerc4 05-24-2004 01:03 PM

ok I'll try to get pics up in the next few days although they arn't done. The gunmetal color came out nice but the velox rims I have are a tad bit off, but the color matches the car exactly...if you want when I get the pics up I'll give you the color of the paint and everything. Also Black, the only reason I'm doin the drums gunmetal is because they are already rusty as hell after a year and if I don't do it they will only get worse. Also since I did the fronts (which looked bad as well) if I don't do the back I think that will look worse since the back will be rusty ad tthe fronts painted :) I'll show you the pics when its done ;)

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